Monday, May 19, 2014

Episode 17: Pop Culture

In this show we’re sharing 100 ideas on how to incorporate Pop Culture into our scrapbooks! Pop Culture is all about what’s popular in society at any given time, including music, movies, TV, books, fashion trends, celebrities, slang, technology and more. This is a topic that’s very easy to scrapbook because it's really a snapshot of what our lives look like today. We hope some of the topics we discuss will help you think about your favorite memories of pop culture and how you can record those for future generations to remember. This is one of our longest shows at an hour and a half so get cozy and start creating while you listen!

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Layouts we made to go along with this topic...

Fashion - 80's Style
Man Candy
Pop Culture Faves
Insta Love

Must See TV
Favorite TV Couples Mini-Album
Check out this list of 100 Ways to Scrapbook Pop Culture!

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Tiffany and Tracie


  1. How cool to have a blog for the Scrapgals! I will download it after I get home from taking the boy to school. :)

  2. I have totally done a pop-culture page - and recently too! My husband and I went through a huge Office phase and we quote it constantly. Here is the page I made about it: (Sorry - apparently the only place I posted it was Instagram!)

  3. Oh my gosh Jen, that is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it! How awesome! You should post it somewhere that's pinnable so we can pin it on Pinterest!

  4. I loved this podcast! (But with Creative Live going on for two days, I have had MORE scrapbooking goodies than I could handle almost--digesting it all.) Before you posted your 100 Ways to Scrapbook Pop Culture and before I started watching Creative Live, I had sat down with a notebook and started jotting down things that came to mind about my own pop culture background and had a long list of ideas for future things to write about. I LOVE Jim Caviezel, too, so I got a kick out of your story about him. (I am also a BIG Survivor fan - not too many Survivor fans for me to talk to now that I'm retired, but I text with a former co-worker while it's going on nowadays.) I totally "get" Tiffany's remark that hearing certain songs evoke very specific memories.

    It's funny, but if someone were to say to you "tell me about your childhood", you wouldn't think of a lot to say--at least I wouldn't--but when you are given specific questions or just a lot of examples, as in the 100 ways, all sorts of childhood (or teen) stories can come to mind. They're there, but can't always rise to the surface without some trigger.

    1. I totally agree! I'm participating in LOAD514, and the whole theme is Past Perfect. Each day there is a prompt about one aspect or another of the past - some are pop culture, some not. So far, I have scrapped 21 pages about my childhood. Never would I have ever thought I had so many stories to tell - the magic is in the prompts, so kudos to Tracie for putting together this awesome list.

      And, Tiffany, I totally called my Little People Weebles too. In fact, I didn't have any actual Weebles (the egg-shaped kind), but I played with Weebles all the time. ;)

    2. Oh that's hilarious!!!!! I didn't know LOAD's theme was Past Perfect. How awesome. Lain thinks like we do. I love her. I want to do LOAD next time!

    3. This is awesome! I'm so glad to hear that our convo and our list really helped you think of stories you want to tell. When Tracie showed me that we'd discussed 100 ideas, I could hardly believe it. :) Also glad to hear that you knew what I meant by Little People weebles - ahh, the memories.

  5. She does think like y'all! You should definitely do LOAD. This is my first time, and I have LOVED every day of it.

    An aside - y'all have inspired me to make a mini album documenting my favorite toys from my childhood. I'm going to get one of the little We R Memory Keepers Instagram books and print 4x4 photos from the internet with journaling on the opposite page. It will be simple, but it will make me happy, happy, happy! So, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Ooooh.....what a great idea! I might do that too! Be sure to link us to it when you're done!!!

  6. Thanks for another great episode, so many good ideas!! Along the book topic I have always wanted to do a page about my favorite poem. I would love to know what my grandmother's or mother's favorite poem was, but both of them are gone now. I just finished a page about books I liked when I was young, and the Trixie Belden series was on it; I always wanted her for a friend!

    1. Robin, I always wanted her for a friend, too. I wanted to marry Jim Frayne though so I might have had to fight her for him. LOL!

  7. I have a theory that you can be either a "Friends person" or a "Seinfeld person", but not both. You two have added even more evidence to this theory being true. :) Enjoying the podcast!