Sunday, August 3, 2014

Episode 28: Hindsight's 20/20

This week we're revealing a list of things we wish we had known as a beginner scrapbooker! We'll discuss layout design, journaling, photography, product purchases and what we can do better now vs. how we did it in the beginning.

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Tiffany and Tracie


  1. I just wanted to say that I would looove an episode on how/if/why we should scrapbook our "true" selves and lives....including the bad times and the people who are no longer a part of our lives. It's something I debate about a lot within myself, and I would love to hear your perspectives on it.

    Anyway, as usual - great insight, tips, and conversation, ladies! :)

  2. Thank you Josie!! We'll talk about that!

  3. I meant to say we will talk about it amongst ourselves and see if we feel like we could pull off an hour about it. :)

  4. I just discovers your podcast recently and absolutely love it. You make me laugh so hard I wheeze. Thank you! I have neglected my scrapping for months now (even while still adding to it) so your podcasts are just what I need to get excited about it again. My friend started listening too and we both love you guys.

    1. Thank you for telling us that! That made me LOL. I wheeze laughing in the podcast so good to know you're wheezing listening! LOL! I try to cut back on that laughter but there's just no way. :)

  5. Wandered over to Tiffany's blog and decided not only are you the Queen of the Selfie, but you also take amazing food photos. Can we have a podcast talking about how to achieve that please: what equipment (flash/no flash), best lighting, angles, etc. Occasionally I get ones that are okay but mostly I look at them after and think if the food looked like that IRL I'd have pitched it in the garbage instead of eating it, LOL.

    1. Well we both think we're terrible at that so maybe we can find an expert to help us talk about it! Thanks for the idea!

  6. i took notes:
    "make photos & stories the stars of your layouts. do whatever you love. don't follow trends. journal how you felt when you were there. journal what you feel when you look at the photo. use genuine quotes of someone's words. it's ok to be who you are. embrace your trademark style. be in the picture more. connect everyday stories to random photos. take pictures of the places you love. document the way things look now. balance candid & posed photos. write about personalities. compare other's work as inspiration not competition. remember the people in your outer circle. spend less effort, time & money on organizing products. use them instead. "

    tiffany, journaling the real truth would be an interesting show! tracie, if you want to use direct quotes you can snap screenshots of your text messages, facebook posts, or email. rebecca sower did lots of heartfelt journaling as a regular column in creating keepsakes magazine. her books: scrapbooking life's little treasures, & scrapbooking life's little moments, are some of my faves. her products were called: fresh cuts by BumperCrops. then she sold that to: fresh cuts by e.k. success.
    the advice i'd give to my past self is:
    "teddi if you're gonna buy x, y, z...
    then you're gonna waste your m o n e y,"

  7. Great episode! Most of those were things I'd also tell my new-scrapper self. The main one would be to tell the story, not just list the who-what-when-where.