Sunday, October 12, 2014

Episode 38: Finding Your Voice

This week, we’re discussing journaling: where, when and how we put it on our scrapbook pages, what voice to use, handwritten vs. printed, touchy-feely vs. just-the-facts and more. 

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7 Strategies for Anxiety-Free Scrapbook Journaling by Jennifer Wilson
20 Lessons on Scrapbook Page Journaling by Debbie Hodge

We want to hear how YOU journal - tell us about your journaling style! We will respond to every comment - promise! 

Thanks for listening!
Tracie and Tiffany


  1. I'm still listening (I love Mondays, a new podcast makes my housework fly by as I listen!) but I had to comment now about how I organise my albums. I have three children under 5 years, I'm studying for a masters degree and I work outside of the home so our lives are busy! There's never enough time to scrapbook everything I want to. I do project life for our everyday things, it's great to capture the little details of our lives right now and how the children are. I know that otherwise I would forget them as time goes by and I don't have time to scrapbook them all 'properly'. Anything that seems important, like a party or a weekend visit from family, or photos that I just adore get their own 12x12 (mostly) scrapbook page that just slots in between the project life spreads. I use AC d-ring albums so it's easy to just move things around as I do them. I don't scrap in chronological order but I do organise my albums that way. I also have a separate album for each of my children and any pages that are just about them (for example, my son just started school) go into those albums, separate from the rest. I'm not the only one of my scrapping friends who do this sort of organisation, it seems to be a nice balance, particuarly when you never have enough time to scrap.

  2. Louise - that sounds wonderful and very similar to what I do too!! Thank you for sharing that and for listening!!!! -Tracie

  3. My journaling style is kind of boring (we went here, we did this, it was fun...) but I'm trying to change, I'm not a touchy feely person so it's hard. I also save journaling until last and sometimes forget to leave room... I will be checking out those links you posted for ideas, I need them. I loved the episode, as usual, who knew Monday could be the best day of the week, Garfield must not listen to podcasts ha ha ha :)

  4. Oh you're so sweet to say Monday's the best day of the week because of us! Thank you!! I hope those links help!