Sunday, October 26, 2014

Episode 40: Creative Play

This week, we're joined by our good friend, Jann Gray, who is an expert mixed media artist with over 250 instructional You Tube videos. We'll discuss specific ways to use creative play to overcome the paralysis of perfectionism. We hope this show inspires you to break out some supplies you own but never use! 

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Jann on YouTube

Example of Urban Sketching:

Find more about Urban Sketching at!

Thanks for listening!! Don't miss next week's show when we'll be discussing "Documenting our Gratitude."

Tracie and Tiffany


  1. I can't believe you guys are on episode 40 already!!!!!

  2. Just finished listening to this...and I think I may have to take some notes! I know I was there when it was taped, but I got several new ideas as I listened to it just now! Thanks girls for the opportunity to sit down with you both...and it was an honor for you to ask me to come do the show!

  3. I loved the podcast and now looking at the urban sketching. Would have loved to see Tiffany's face during the ink/stain discussion, I'm still laughing and plan to play it again to get me through the ironing pile!

    1. Tiffany doesn't even mean to make me laugh like she does but I can't help myself. Her expressions are priceless.

  4. Did some creative play tonight after listening to the podcast to and from work this week. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Does anyone else think that Jann sounds like Joan Cusack???

    1. haha! I've never thought that before. Hmmm....nope I'm not hearing it! I love Joan Cusack though!