Sunday, November 23, 2014

Episode 44: A Little Bit of Everything

This week we have a lot to say about a lot of different things! We're following up on our Holiday Cards and December Daily shows with listener comments and Tiffany's fun new idea for an album, plus, we'll talk about recent scrappy purchases, the closure of a scrap magazine and lots more miscellaneous yet exciting news! 

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Thanks for listening!! Don't miss next week's show when we'll be talking all about Christmas crafting!

Tracie and Tiffany


  1. Tiffany and Tracie, I ADORE your podcast! Thank you for bringing it to us every week, you have given me so much inspiration. And I LOVE all of your laughter! Keep it up!

  2. LOVE your show! I'm an avid listener from almost the beginning. I have lots to say but I'll try to keep it short.

    1) I've done all sorts of DD in the past (since 2007) albums made from scratch in all sorts of sizes and PL style (last year) but this year I'm trying something new. I'm using the smaller of the Tim Holtz Folios to make my album. I started last week ;) and have created all sorts of accordion and flip type inserts so that I have space for over 50 photos with journaling areas. I can't wait for Dec to get here!

    2) I spent the summer of 2003 reorganizing all of my photos. I'm slightly older than the two of you (emphasis on slightly) and had several huge boxes of photos from the 1960s on. I used dollar store shoe type boxes which I labeled by decade and when I had time I'd open an envelope and start sorting. Once they were all sorted by decade (done a little here, a little there) I labeled 10 envelopes for each box (by year..1990, 1991, etc) and started sorting the photos within that box in this way. Once that was done, using more envelopes, I sorted each yearly envelope by month and/or occasion. It was quite the chore but taking it in baby steps this way helped tremendously. I think it might be a good system for you Tracie since you mentioned everything had to be left out in the open. Just food for thought.

    3) I am making 45-50 handmade Christmas cards and was actually working on them while listening to you gals this morning. Each one has a total of 5 die cuts, stamping, heat embossing and splatter. It can be done if you do it in small chunks of time, assembly line fashion. I'll send you one!

    Keep up the great chats. I feel like you are some of my besties. Hey...actually I am. Tif....I'm 2GenMom on WWF. :-)

    Love you guys....


    1. Thank you for all info Julie! I had to read it three times to process it all cause I want to learn from you! Thank you! You can be our honorary bestie! :)

  3. Wah! I just lost my repy. I'll try again...

    You can get digital brushes or stamps (they are really the same thing) at any digital scrapbooking store. Scrapbookgraphics is where I sell my Photoshop templates, tools and classes. We have some really awesome stamps, brushes and masks.

    Brushes can come in two different formats. ABR files allow you to load them into Photoshop or Elements and use the paint brush tool to paint or stamp onto your paper or photo. But, most designers also provide them in PNG format which you can use in almost any photo editing program.

    Hope this helps, and I'm happy to answer any digi questions you come across in the future!

    Love the show and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Wendyzine Scraps!! We'll check that out and we may need to take you up on your offer 'cause we are digi challenged! :)

  4. I thought I'd throw out there that you should check out Lisa Truesdell, who is on the creative team at Studio Calico. She just recently went to Disney and had been sometime in the last year or so as well. Here's a link to her last Disney Album cover:
    Here's her title page:
    Plus she has layouts about Disney too:

    After all of that I have to say, I've never been to Disney,even though I live within a 7 hour drive in Atlanta & my dad only lives a short 3 hours away. Maybe I'll get there one day.

    Also, I want to say I love your podcast. I listen every single week and I always find myself inspired and I get a good laugh along the way. Keep them coming!

  5. Thank you Katie!! I love Lisa, will definitely check out her Disney stuff!! I'm starting my own Disney podcast in a couple weeks!! Thank you for your support for The Scrap Gals. It means so much to us.

  6. Hey Girls, love listening to your show on my iPhone. For my podcast app I use Stitcher Podcast Radio app which is free. I've tried finding your show but it doesn't appear you are on Stitcher. Don't know what is involved to get your podcast on another player other than the default Podcast app from the iTunes Store. Would you mind getting listed on Stitcher? Thanks

    1. Oh gosh if I knew how to do that, I'd be happy to! I'll see if I can figure it out!

  7. Hi Tracie and Tiffany,

    I really enjoyed listening to your last two podcasts today - I even made a couple of notes!

    1. I buy sympathy cards. They are just too hard to make (for a few different reasons) so there is no way I'm going to sit down to make one. I made this decision quite a few years ago and it's been the best decision.

    2. Tiffany, ooooh, you bought the December Story kit from OA! So cool. Will you show it on your blog when it comes? I'd love to see a few close up photos of it, but also your impressions, what you like from the kit etc etc. I worked out it would cost me $127 AUD (including shipping) if I bought it. There's just no way...

    3. Yes, girls! I use my October Afternoon paper on cards!! That I'm going to give away! That might be thrown in the bin! Yes, yes, I do! You were both so funny when you were reading out my list of card making tips (so fun, loved hearing you read it) - I was laughing along side you. I've got too much OA paper to use just in scrapbooking, so I use it on cards, too. I have this habit of not using good things enough (not just in scrapbooking), so I decided to just use the paper. Admittedly the papers I've got put aside for a few Christmas cards are scraps, but I'll cut into new sheets if and when I need to. I do love the end product, but the process is so important, too, and I want to use good stuff because it makes the whole card making process just so enjoyable and inspiring.

    4. Yes, I'd watch you on You Tube. I want to see some of Tiffany's facial expressions :)

    Thanks for another great show, loved it as always,

    Bye now,

    Debra :)

  8. I enjoyed the podcast - thanks for the laughs! On the photo storage, I only print the ones now that I plan to scrap or put in project life. I print from home and I am glad I don't have a lot of extras lying around. I do backup my photos and recently upgraded my Dropbox. My phone gets backed up there and will soon add my computer photos
    As far as online classes, most of mine are at Studio Calico. I have gotten quite a few during class sales. Also their classes tend to cost less and sometimes come with a kit, which is nice. Most also come with digital files which helps me justify the cost. I can't imagine having that many classes at BPC considering what they charge. Like you said, people may realize they have been hoarding classes and may not purchase as much in the future. I am wondering what affect it will have on BPC- although they say part of their site will be subscription based so that is a whole other curve ball. Anyways enjoyed the show!

  9. ACK! I typed a great big Disney related post for Tracie the other day on my ipad and it appears not to have posted!!!
    I'm a big ol' Disneyphile! I was actually hollering at you (not that you could hear me) back in the episode where you were talking about Disney and Tiff was talking about Europe and I was listening while walking around the lake (Which means nothing to you but I remember VERY CLEARLY! LOL)

    Do you listen to any Disney podcasts other than Capturing Memories (which is super fun -- Steph is great but a little more digi focused - not surprising since Steph was also the host of Daily Digi)? I listen to LOTS but my top two are unquestionably Communicore Weekly and WDWToday.

    I invited you once before but come visit us at -- you'll find many Kindred Spirits who would be great additions to your envisioned Disney memory show. :) I recommend especially our three hosts -- Susan Stringfellow ( and ), Tamera Bastiaans/Disneyland Diva (for a Disneyland perspective ) and Laurie Zeller (Disney travel agent and scrapper extraordinaire!

    Not to mention tons of Disney scrapping love and inspiration!

    1. Thank you Merrick!!! I'm going to start recording shows the last week of December! This is so helpful!!!!

  10. last night I was playing catch up on your podcasts & low & behold I hear my name. Way to go pronouncing my maiden name btw! How exciting to hear my name :) I llllllllllllllllllloooooooooooove your podcasts & I am able to listen to them over & over while I scrap. Thanks for keeping it real!