Monday, November 17, 2014

Episode 43: Holiday Cards

This show's all about making your own cards for the holiday season! We'll share tips and tricks for making cards in multiples, the best way to make cards to mail, choosing an inside sentiment and more. 

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Kristina Werner's 2014 Holiday Card Series
Jennifer McGuire's Blog (Great inspiration for making flat cards that can be mailed!)

Do you make your own holiday cards? If yes, we want to hear all about your process! We'll share our best listener tips and tricks in the next show so please leave us a comment!

Thanks for listening!! Don't miss next week's show when we'll be discussing using scrapbook sketches!

Tracie and Tiffany


  1. To start, I would love to get a wienerdog Christmas card! :)

    Loved the discussion, as always.

    I make my cards (all 108 of them!) almost every year and really enjoy the process of deciding on an image, saying and layout for the cards.

    I usually end up making them very late (read: the week before Christmas!) and am usually so over stamping, embossing and watercoloring by the time I'm finished, but I love the process and the nice comments I get from those who receive them makes it worthwhile.

    Of course it helps me justify all the supplies I have in my craft room too, and that's a very good thing! :)

    Come on Tracie, give it a try this year! ;)

    Merry Christmas you two,

    PaperCrafter's Corner

    1. Oops, forgot my process and tips!

      I almost always choose an image that can be watercolored or colored with Copics and make the cards in stages:
      1. Stamp and emboss images
      2. Color images
      3. Cut out colored images
      4. Create card bases (or use pre-made card bases)
      5. Cut pieces of patterned papers and/or cardstock to create layers to add to the card bases
      6. Adhere the cut pieces to the card bases
      7. Adhere the cut and colored images to the layered card bases
      8. Stamp the external sentiments
      9. Stamp the internal sentiments (and images if I add them inside too)
      10. Hand address the envelopes

      I almost always make my cards a standard size because I don't want to have to pay extra postage on more than 100 cards!

      I always create a sample card before I start production, just to make sure it looks like I envisioned it would before I do a bunch of work.

      Why do I emboss my stamped images? Because it "corralls" the watercolor or Copic color I'm adding, making it easier to stay in the lines, and it provides a nice edge to use for cutting.

      Hope the share is helpful,


    2. I love this Steph!!!!!! Thanks for sharing all that! I'm gonna read some of your tips on the show!

  2. Would love the link to the list of 50 sentiments you mentioned in this podcast.

    1. Betsy, I looked for that link and I think Tiff remembered wrong. I'll see if she can find it.

  3. I listened to this and got all inspired. I got home and started my cards. I make about 100 every year usually all the same or several at once. I decided to use paper from my stash instead of new or matching paper. I picked out stamps and ink... made a card front with those then picked all sorts of papers from my stash that will work with those. Easy and fun.

    1. Oh my word!!! 100???? You go!! Would love to see pic!

  4. The specific link I mentioned from Pinterest ended up being a dead end, but I did find this one and this one and this one I hope you check out some of these and get some great ideas! :)

    1. I never know what to write in the cards. I never thought of Googling it - thanks for the links!

  5. For the last few years I haven't been able to make. myself. make. any. cards. I just don't like it - creating under pressure (my day job, so can't do that in my spare time too), writing in the cards, addressing them and then never hearing back from anyone. I've just let it all go. If I do need to send one, I'll send store-bought ones. That being said, I do have a few ideas for some this year (diagonal strips of paper, Tracie!), so we'll see. I do kind of feel like making a few. Not to send, just to make :)

  6. I forgot my tips too!
    These work for me:
    1. Debra, do not create under pressure.
    2. Debra, if you get inspired to make a Christmas card, don't to your desk and make it, or at least write the idea down!
    3. Debra, use your favourite papers. October Afternoon makes amazing Christmas papers - love the process of using top quality stuff.
    4. Debra, do as Tiffany has suggested follow her links to find things to write in the cards. And then give Tiffany a clap because she's brilliant.
    5. Debra, keep it simple and create from the heart, or don't create at all.
    They are my tips!