Sunday, January 11, 2015

Episode 50: CHA Faves

Can you believe we're on Episode 50?? We're excited! Thanks for coming along with us on this ride the last year. We hope we've entertained you because that's what our goal has been all along, simply to entertain and inspire our listeners.

This week, we're chatting all about the new and fabulous items coming out at CHA, the show being held by the Craft and Hobby Association this weekend (January 9-13). Since we're not at the show, we did quite a bit of research online to put together a list of favorites. We hope you'll enjoy the talk and come up with your own list of products you'll want to purchase this year.

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Here are links to the companies with sneak peeks online (some of these we didn't mention but we do like them, just ran out of time!):

Project Life
 -- New Editions, New Designers
 -- Albums and Tools

Simple Stories
 -- New Snap Binders & Pocket Pages
 -- Color Vibe and Snap Packs
 -- Enchanted Collection
 -- Say Cheese 2 Collection
 -- I Am Collection

October Afternoon Saturday Mornings

Jillibean Soup

Crate Paper
 -- Maggie Holmes Confetti
 -- Journey
 -- Craft Market

American Crafts:
 -- Dear Lizzy
 -- Amy Tangerine
 -- Shimelle

Pink Paislee
 -- Atlas
 -- Citrus Bliss

Cosmo Cricket
Lawn Fawn

 -- Cottage Living
 -- Home Grown

Studio Calico's Seven Paper

Echo Park Paper

Allison Kreft for Webster's Pages

My Mind's Eye

Thanks for listening! Tune in next week when we'll be discussing scrapbooking our collections! 

Tiffany and Tracie


  1. Hi Ladies, I just love listening to your podcast. I am a digital scrapbooker. In fact, I like to make digital art journals, eCards and digital scrapbook pages including pocket style pages or project life. I enjoyed your picks of new products and I was so pleased to hear of some of the designers you selected because they make both paper and digital collections such as Celeste Knight, Lori Whitlock and Echo Park. Since I am a digital scrapbooker my process always starts by using Photoshop. I edit all my photos in Photoshop by sharpening, color corrections and sometimes removing objects that are in the shot - like a tree growing out of mom's head. But most often I am editing color photos and sometimes will turn them into great black-n-white photos. Then I will use a template to add my digital papers, embellishments, edited photos and journaling. For my project life pages Becky Higgins provides the digital version of her page styles as a template. Once you open it in Photoshop all you have to do is add your photos to the 4x6 or 3x4 slots. Then add the digital title cards, filler cards, journaling cards and embellishments. The project life app is much the same however you do all this on your phone. When you are finished with the layout or page you can send it to an online printing service. I use Scrapping Simply but there are tons of options out there. When you go to order the print you choose the size for example 12x12. The entire document comes back to you as one large sheet of 12x12 with the design of the template. Then you can place the printed 12x12 into a plain page protector. You can buy individual 12x12 page protectors or buy pre-designed albums with blank page protectors and you just slip the prints into your album. The project life app gives you three options of print sizes. The app has 12x12, 8x8 and 4x6 collages. You also get four kits included in the $.99 price - Strawberry Edition, Midnight Edition, Kraft Edition and School Themed Edition. You can also purchase additional kits within the app. Also you can choose square templates or the rounded templates. So kudos to Becky's team for putting together a wonderful option for getting your pictures off your phones and into print or scrapbook format. Since I am a die-hard Photoshop user and I like to manipulate my pages such as adding shadows, extra paper layers, word art, strips, ribbons/embellishments I will probably use the app as a secondary thing to get some of the everyday mundane pictures off my phone. I will still use Photoshop for the more important and stories that make my heart sing. Thanks for the wonderful show!

    1. Wow - that's great info! Thanks!!!! We're digi scrapbooking challenged and love playing with paper. :)

    2. And if you're not proficient in PhotoShop and want a super cool tool for managing photos, editing photos and creating layouts, check out Scrap Room - love it! Steph

  2. I loved listening to your recommendations and have checked out the ones I hadn't already seen. I agree that the Simple Stories "I Am" collection is gorgeous; it's definitely my favourite so far. As far as the feather thing is concerned, I don't understand why it's so popular. However the way I use them when I get them in kits or embellishment packs is to cut off the edges and turn them into leaves instead. I've even done this with chipboard.

    I also like Shimelle's collection, partly because the words and phrases she uses are English English (haha!) rather than US English. Being of English background, these are more useful to me.

    The thing I'm disappointed about is that the travel collections I've seen have maps which DON'T HAVE AUSTRALIA OR ASIA!!! I know I'm biased (being an Australian) but if I'm going to use a map paper it's usually going to be for my travels, and most of my travel is in Australia and Asia, so it would be nice to see at least a few bits and pieces that relate to this part of the world; when a company releases a map paper they could consider having one side with America/Europe and the other side with the rest of the world, for example. I understand that these are US manufacturers and the US is their biggest market, but I would have thought that the rest of the world is a growing market. Alternatively, it could just be me, haha!

    Thanks again for the show. I love listening to your podcasts, and really do enjoy the having-a-chat-and-coffee feeling of them :)


    1. Oooh! Turning feathers into leaves is awesome! Thanks for the tip! -- That is so weird that no one puts Australia or Asia. Wow. We had no clue! Thanks for listening!

  3. Thank you so much for this show, it's been fun checking out your favorites. It does seem like it was harder to find the sneak peaks for this show than past ones, or that they came out later than usual...maybe I was just over excited! Have you seen the photo fuse by We R Memory Keepers? Here is a you tube video demo: Not sure that I 'need' it, but it is definitely looks cool and easy to use plus I like the idea of stocking standard size page protectors and making customized pockets as needed! Thanks for the show, it certainly makes my house cleaning more enjoyable!

    1. Thanks for listening! We have seen the Photo Fuse but we hadn't when we taped the show. I think the best purpose for that would be sealing the tops of Project Life pockets that everyone complains about the pics falling out! Love it. I probably won't buy it but it's brilliant.

  4. thanks for the show, I listened to it with the link list on the computer so I could follow along which was really great. I've been glued to you tube but I have to say I really miss the sneak peek videos Jamie Sorenson used to do at 2peas, you got a good properly lit close up of both sides of the paper, it must have taken her ages to record all the videos she did.
    I've not seen a huge amount that I "have to have" this year, I love the I am collection though (and Baxter, very cute) and I'm with Julia, we live in new zealand and much of the time its not even on the maps, it is really frustrating, there aren't many of us living here but its very popular for holidays, it would only be the tiniest bit of ink to include it! (or do the occasional pacific centred version if we take up too much room on the end...........
    I'm not a huge gold/metallic fan so I don't really get the minc, you'd have to be doing a lot of foiling I think to make that worth buying but the fuse tool looks like it may be handy. I did like the Hazel and Ruby giant washi home decor stuff though, that was inspired.

    Re the planner show, I think that would be great. I prefer a paper diary and have ordered the websters planner for this year (again, don't get me started that we live at the end of the earth so it won't get here till Feb despite ordering in October), I think the planner thing could be the meeting place for all the creative stuff in your day to day. Tracie said she was going to put layouts in hers I think? I would do that too, I also saw someone on pinterest that did a tiny art work in each days box in a monthly calendar and it looked brilliant, the websters one has a line a day for quick reminders which would be handy to jot prompts down, the sketch spots etc. I love the look of the bible journalling,thats not for me but I could happily art journal in a planner. I think Megan Hoeppen (not sure how to spell her name) seems to be doing something with more creative sections in the websters planner that are being released later, I can't remember exactly what now but she was on a you tube video explaining it. So yes, I'd be very interested to know what other folks are doing with theirs.
    While I'm on a roll, sorry this is getting long, I have a question about stamps too. When you have a new clear stamp and it stamps in a blobbly kind of way to start with I had heard to sand them with the emery board type tool first, it seems to help but just wondered if thats the best way or any other suggestions.
    Thanks again, loved the show as always and can't wait for the using the collection one. Tania

    1. Thanks for the planner info! I'll check that out!! Thanks for the stamp question too - I'll add that to our list. :)

  5. Like I didn't say enough yesterday but forgot to mention I loved the simple stories photo pockets, Websters have a little chipboard mini album that may just have to go into my collection (may not use it like all the others in there but its very pretty to look at) and Kelly Perky has a clear album sort of thing that I couldn't completely figure out but looked really interesting too. I think thats it for now! Thanks again for the show, love it.

    1. Haven't seen the Kelly Purkey album - thanks for the heads up!

  6. Another great show as always. On the topic of wiener-dogs, I don't know if there is one among the images in this set, as I can only see some of it, but a little heads up for the Tiff-meister...... pet related embellishments coming up on HSN on the 21st of this month (Wednesday), perhaps for your puppy stash....

    1. Oooh thanks!!!!!!! I had no clue it was crafting day! It's always on a Wednesday and I'm at work on that one day a week. *sigh*

  7. Loved this week's podcast, but it's going to end up costing me a LOT of money. :) We're going to be doing our first trip to Disney World in 2016, so the Simple Stories - Say Cheese 2 and Enchanted will be in my shopping cart. I already have the first version of Say Cheese, so I was excited to see these. There were quite a few other things that I must have, but those are the ones I'm most excited about.

    I also wanted to tell you that I'm always so excited to see a new Scrap Gals podcast on my phone. You guys make me literally laugh out loud!! Love listening while I'm quilting or cross stitching. Thanks!! :)

    1. Thank you Laurel! I'm so glad we make you laugh!!!! I want the Say Cheese 2 for sure too!

  8. I loved your observation at the end of the show that not many of the collections are themed even though many real-life scrapbookers scrap this way. I would love for you to have someone that organizes large in-person crops on the show to get their take on how things have changed over the years with people who may not be as connected to the internet as some of us are. I just started going to in-person crops this year and it was an eye-opening experience for me. I really appreciate seeing the wide variety of scrapping styles at these crops.

    Also, seeing which booths are crowded at the once-a-year Scrapbook Expo or CKC paints a much different picture than I get from reading message boards. Kits with paper pieced elements seem to be very popular at these shows, and I've noticed that their are online sites that sell them and seem to have a large following on Facebook. I'd like to see a show discussing this style of scrapbooking.

    I'm pretty much an equal opportunity scrapbooker and love just about all styles of scrapbooking and have NEVER looked at another scrapbooker's page and not liked it. (People talk about having a couple of hobbies -- 1) scrapbooking, 2) shopping, and 3) organizing. I have a fourth hobby -- looking at other people's layouts. I so enjoy this.)

    One more thought I have -- I wonder if scrapbooking has declined as much as we think, or is it just scrapbooking SALES that have decreased so much? Crops seem to be very alive and well in my part of the country. I think many people are doing what you two are doing; looking at new collections and saying "I already have something like that." Unless it's a weiner dog collection -- you can never have too many weiner dogs.

    1. This is such an insightful comment and we're discussing how we can talk about it. Thanks!!!!

  9. Hey girls, loved listening to your show...again! You're helping to keep me in shape as I only allow myself to listen while I'm on the treadmill now - great motivation to work out!

    I just got back from the CHA event and we shot and shared 16 videos from the show - they're here in case you want to watch:

    I also just finished the editing and captioning process on the 1200+ photos I shot - they'll be posted shortly (again, in case you want to see the show booths, people and product [and demos!] up close and personal). We're also throwing in a little surprise with the photos - details to follow when the photos get posted.

    As always, you two make me laugh and give me lots to think about.

    I really can't wait to finally meet in person after all those years on 2Peas together, right Tracie?! :)

    Have a great evening,


  10. I am a digi scrapper but I LOVE your show. I just giggle along with you having so much fun!

    FYI, the I AM collection is not the first of this type. Angie Peterson published 3 books many years ago for scrappers that were very popular in the scrapping community. The wonderful benefit now is that they are on Amazon in the used section for VERY cheep. Here is her first book, click on her name to see her other 2 books.

    Thanks again for your fun show!

  11. Hi ladies! I just started listening to your show a few weeks ago and I’m almost caught up! It’s fun listening to you all while I do my LOAD layouts this month.

    I’m a digi scrapper, a paper scrapper and an app scrapper. It all fits different needs for me depending on my mood.

    For digi, I love the kits and the ability to be fast. I don’t print many photos so I like to make photo books for my kids so they can see the pictures more easily (it’s more appealing to me to flip through a book than sit in front of a screen). The kits encourage me to use product I wouldn’t buy normally and I can be trendy without too much expense. For me, it fits with the transition I made to digital photography.

    I like to do physical pages when I’m using already printed photos or I want to be more creative or reflective. Most of my stash is ancient and since I don’t really love shopping, I tend towards using my cricut to make what I need. I also use my cinch to make mini books for myself, my daughter and her friend. I do love cutting, pasting and touching so paper is great for expressing myself in a different way.

    App scrapping is new for me but I jumped on board when the Daily Digi encouraged readers to document their December with their phones. I had never done a December Daily before but I love the idea so I decided to give it a go. I did 31 days and it’s my most favorite project to date! At the end of each day I made a page in the Project Life app and at the end of the week I printed 8x8 pages at Costco. I adhered them to 8.5x11 cardstock and then embellished with washi and the like. It’s a truly hybrid project and I have pure love for it. Seeing my kids, my hubby and my parents flip through the book was a scrappy high for me. I look forward to filling 8x8 albums. I see the PL app being great for the crazy amount of phone photos I take of events in particular. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to document those events quickly and be done with it. I’ll use paper or digi for the times I want to be more creative or detailed.

    So that’s my random collection of thoughts :) Thanks for doing the show – it’s great to laugh and hear other perspectives.