Sunday, January 25, 2015

Episode 52: Memory Planners

Thanks so much to everyone who donated this week to pay our podcasting fees! In just 24 hours, we were able to raise the funds needed to upgrade so now we have twice the bandwidth. We appreciate each dollar given! 

This week, we're discussing using a planner as a memory keeping tool. Our long time friend, Jennifer Webb, joins us for this episode and shares her planner ideas, plus we'll talk in depth about how to utilize a planner to make the most of your memory keeping in 2015!

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Jennifer Webb at The Creative Webb
Kristina Werner Love Doki & Pony Brown Planner
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Tracie's Gold Planner by Heidi Swapp
Simple Stories Life Documented Planner
Erin Condren Planners
Heidi Swapp Planner Video on My Craft Channel 
Becky Higgins Project Life Planner
Me & My Big Ideas Create 365: The Happy Planner
Marion Smith Gypsy Planner
Webster's Pages Color Crush Planner
Stephanie Bryan's Planner with Photo Collage
Cocoa Daisy Planner Kits
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Posts from Heidi Swapp's Blog about Planners:
Using Memory Planners supplies for a layout.
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FREE videos by Heidi Swapp on My Craft Channel
Scrapbook Update Post on Planners at CHA (We didn't mention this but it's great!)

the planner page with art that made Tracie want to have a memory planner

**Please note: this image was pinned without giving credit to the original artist and I am determined to find the person who created this. If you have the copy of Somerset Life with this image in it, please let us know the name of the artist!!

Thanks for listening!

Tiffany and Tracie


  1. I donated to your podcast via PayPal. I listen every week and would hate for this podcast to stop. I would urge everyone who listens to donate something! Let's keep this going!

    1. Thank you SO SO MUCH!! That means so much to us. I would love to just pay the $300 myself but I just can't do it right now so we'll have to suspend the show unless we raise the funds.

  2. I just popped in to say that there is a new IG feed I'm sure you will want to follow…..@theplannersociety. I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this episode. It was awesome. I also appreciate you fabulous consistency. I know that every Monday when get up there is going to be a new podcast for me to listen too. Thanks so much for all the great information you share every week.

    1. Thank you Kari!!! That means a lot to us!

  3. So I just donated 20 dollars. Thank you for letting us listeners help you.

    I really liked this weeks episode. I love planners. Just like Jennifer, I still have my personal planners from the early nineties. Crazy to look at today.

    This year I've decided to get in better shape. I bought a membership to the local gym ...and a Moleskine "Wellness Journal". I love it. It is a planner with tabs for keeping track of my daily diet, for planning workouts, for weekly goals, for inspiration and all sorts of good stuff. I find myself writing thoughts, feelings and dreams in it all the time. And looking through it when I need motivation. So cool.

    It comes with two sheets of small stickers with different icons on them. Which is enough embellishment for me. I smile when I imagine that this would so not be enough for you guys. But in my neck of the woods scrapbooking and planner supplies are just not an option, so I make do.

    In this weeks show you discussed what to do if you can't keep up with a planner all year long. I have thought about this too, and I've decided that it doesn't matter if I don't use my planner all through 2015. I will use it as long as it is relevant. I find that this sort of themed planner keeps my focus on my goals - in a fun and inspiring way.


    1. I love that you're doing a Wellness Journal! That's awesome! Thanks so much for sharing all this and for your donation!!!!

  4. Where can we go to support the podcast?

  5. This was my favorite!! I'm a planner addict since 1987 (high school). I have finally found the perfect system for me and now thanks to ya'll, I want the heidi swapp memory planner, good job, LOL!

    I used to have stacks of steno pads, spiral notebooks, calendars, that I wrote all my thoughts, ideas, notes, designs, etc. into then I found other planner addicts and am in pure heaven!!

    So here is what I do.. I have the Erin Condren and I use that for my design business only. Check out #erincondrenlifeplanner on IG for great ideas on how to decorate it!

    For my Etsy store, I use my Filofax personal patent and my field notes midori (jendori - see

    For my Personal, I'm using the Midori Travelers Notebook (Narrow) (jendori- and the DIYFISH inserts, moleskine notebooks.

    For my Etsy Inventory by Month (field note size notebooks) and #hellomornings bible study notes, I use the field note size jendori (ChicSparrow). I can easily file away the little notebooks to refer to anytime! This has revolutionized the way I used to do things.

    I used to keep a monthly calendar to jot down our life and especially when my babies were little kinda like you'd do for their 1st year calendar.

    FOR PENS.. I am addicted to my Staedler pens. If I use printables I use 28lb weightpaper so no bleed or ghosting.
    I have to use special colors for things.
    Each child has a color, etc.

    I use a Orla Kiely makeup pouch to keep my pens, stickers, labels and some washi in.

    Soon i will be sharing all this on my blog but i am waiting to get my new fauxdori (jendori) from Chic Sparrow!

    Tiffani... you should try the Midori Travelers Notebook and use it for your trip and Jan-July... You can put certain things in your individual notebooks and it sounds perfect for a person like you that isnt much of a planner person! Check out this video...

    And to go further, i've started doing bible journaling and going to be adding tabs for books of bible on the side and tabs on top for the verses for special quick reference.. Hope...Salvation, etc.

    thanks for sharing. I loved getting to know jennifer webb.. I'm a huge Sn@P fan.

    Oh and on your December daily.. I saved mine to put together in January. I decided I was going to take photos, notes but enjoy the holidays and put it together in January. best part is you get to see everyone elses and get inspiration and ideas for your own! I'd love for you to stop by my blog and share yours too in my comments for others to see yours too!!

    Whew! That was alot.. told ya I was a #planneraddict (check out on IG)
    ya'll are awesome! Hugs! Jen

    1. Jen - wow! You are a planner expert! I will definitely check you out on IG and thanks for all that great info!

  6. I am a planner addict too, but I am not following along with the planner craze in the scrappy world right now. I would much rather spend my creative time on PL or traditional LO's. I use an electronic tools for planning, and it works well for me. Thanks for another informative episode Tracie & Tiffany! Even though it isn't my thing, it was still fun to listen.