Sunday, February 8, 2015

Episode 54: Spotlight on Heidi Swapp

This week is the first installment in our new series where we turn a spotlight on our favorite people in the scrapbook industry. First up - Heidi Swapp!! We hope that long time scrapbookers will remember most of the things we talk about in this show and newbies will want to run and check Heidi out after listening!

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Heidi's Current Blog
Heidi's Old Blog
Heidi Swapp on My Craft Channel (Now there are 14 Seasons!!)
Heidi Swapp at Big Picture Classes
Free Heidi Swapp Memory File Class at
Heidi Swapp on Pinterest
Heidi Swapp on Vimeo
Heidi's YouTube Channel (not the new one which we think has not launched yet)
Heidi's *new* Wanderlust (we just got this at Joann!)

Thanks for listening! Tell us your favorite thing about Heidi!!!!

Tracie and Tiffany


  1. Still listening and laughing as ever, I think you should try #instarkcontrast, #itmakesmyheadspinoff, #thatmediumstuff or #scaredofmist, Lol

  2. TaniaN - I LOVE YOU! Those are awesome!!!!!!!!! Oh gosh that made roll!!

  3. This episode was fun to listen to. I do have quite a few Heidi Swapp products, and I first remember her from the Designing with Texture book. I have not watched any of the My Craft Channel videos, so I will have to check them out. Also I think Tracie moved from stalking guys (last episode) to stalking "scrapbook celebs" - ha ha. Thanks for the fun episode!

  4. Hey there Gals! I loved this show, love ya'll and love Heidi! I'm super excited to say that not only am I a scrapbooker I am also a Young Living Oil distributor! I would have loved to have been at that conference. When I saw that Tracie was going to a YL conference to hear Heidi speak I was so jealous! It took me back to the day when I was a CTMH consultant and Stacy Julian was the keynote speaker...missed that one too but my best friend brought me back an autographed copy of one of her books. :) I can't decide what to do next ~ go check out Heidi on Pinterest or veg out on the My Craft Channel; looks like my day is planned. Have a great one!

  5. I remember being at the Mesa CKC when Heidi first debuted her product line--the giveaways that year were awesome!! Another product she created, that I still have and was ahead of its time, was the date stamp roller where she had words in her own handwriting and no date on them. I also love her 9x9 albums and wish that she or someone else would bring back that size. Thanks for another great show!!

  6. WOW- I didn't know anyone was as much of a Heidi fan as I am. You were spot on with your description of her. She oozes happy and that can-do attitude! I have been lucky enough to take classes from her at CKU Nashville and a Scrap etc event at the Gaylord as well. FUN TIMES!!
    Going down memory lane- I totally forgot about some of her products (which yes I still horde) she has been a trend setter for a number of years!