Sunday, February 15, 2015

Episode 55: Cultivating Community

This week we're discussing how to cultivate friendships in the online creative community. From message boards to blogs to social media, there are many ways to find friends online who share our love of scrapbooking. You'll find links below to our favorite online forums and we invite you to join us in our new Scrap Gals Facebook Community! Tiffany and Tracie will be chatting there daily about all sorts of scrappy goodness. 

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*new* Scrap Gals Community 
Studio Calico's Community
A Cherry on Top Message Board
Paperclipping Forum Forums
Splitcoaststampers Forum
2Peas Refugees General Scrapping
Illustrated Faith FB Community by Shanna Noel

Designers we randomly mentioned in this show:
Kristina Werner
Geralyn Sy
Wilna Furstenberg
Lisa Dickinson
Ali Edwards
Stacy Julian 

Thanks for listening!
Tracie and Tiffany


  1. Regarding the comment about Creative Memories - yes, someone did buy them and they have reopened. It's a new business model and you can either purchase direct or through an Advisor, if you know one.

  2. Hi Scrap Gals!!!
    I am a 16 year old scrapper, and I have been listening to ya'll for a couple months now, but have never commented. I'm going to try and make commenting a habit. First of all, you ladies are awesome!!! I'm working on catching up on all the episodes. I listen to you while scrapbooking, baking, doing chores, and even sometimes while falling asleep. You two crack me up and make my day brighter.

    I had two things I wanted to say about this episode...and it's funny that I'm even commenting on this one, because as a 16 year old who is very busy with school, I am not a part of any online scrapbooking community. One day I hope to be, though. :)

    First of all, you mentioned the Paperclipping Roundtable. I LOVE them. They are the first scrapbooking podcast I discovered, and they are actually the reason I found you ladies. I was hungry for more scrapbooking podcasts, and did a search on iTunes. I am not a part of their forum, but I do read through the topics occasionally, and I wanted to point out that while they do often talk about the most recent episodes of PRT, there is a lot more they discuss, and they have some wonderful insights.

    The other thing I wanted to say is NSR (learned a new term! Aren't you proud of me? ;) ). I just wanted to tell Tiffany that I am SUPER jealous of her trip to Paris, and the trips she takes to Europe. I have always wanted to visit Paris, and go all over Europe. I enjoy it when you talk about your trips. Have fun in Paris!!! :D

    Keep up the great podcast!!

    1. Hi Hannah! I'm so excited to hear that you're listening and enjoying our podcast! I hope you'll join our Facebook community and join in on the conversations there. If you're on twitter or Instagram, I'd love for you to follow me there; it's lowdertiff in both places. I'm also glad to hear that you like it when I talk about traveling. I plan to blog & Instagram from Paris this summer, so hopefully you'll follow along with me. Welcome to our little corner of the scrappy world; I'm thrilled you're here!

  3. Ok, it's a sign. In the spirit of cultivating community, I need to finally comment and say hi and thanks for the podcast. I like thinking and talking about scrapbooking as much as you both seem to, and listening to you keeps my wheels turning.

    I also recently moved to Nashville (in the fall), so I have to say that if you're ever looking for a local guest to chat with you, I'd be happy to babble about my favorite hobby any time (maybe when Tiffany is on holiday this summer?). Or really, The Scrap Gals should take a creative field trip to my East Nashville neighborhood. I really love it here, even though I think I remember hearing Tracie say she thought Nashville was boring. :)

    Anyway, keep doing what you're doing. It's great.

    Mary Dunn

    1. Mary, I'm so glad to hear from you! I think it'd be great fun to get together in Nashville sometime, even if it's just to share a meal together somewhere. There's always something going on in or around Nashville that I find interesting, so we'll have to plan ahead. :)

  4. Tracie - I'm right there with you on the pinterst thing. When you link to something please link to the actual post, not just the blog home page. Nothing irritates me more than having to search an entire blog for the project I saw on pinterest.

  5. Hi Ladies, time to come out of lurkdom finally!
    I live in Rottweil, Germany - yep, home of the eponymous doggies, but we have some wiener dogs as well ;-) with my husband, two kids and a westie and I mainly do Project Life (and the odd travel mini book).
    I discovered your podcasts last November and I must tell you just how much I enjoyed every single episode! I listen to them mainly while walking my dog, which can be dreary sometimes because what Tiffany calls the greatest snow event since nineteen sixty-something is just everyday weather for us here. Snow and gray skies galore, and a white dog with short legs does not improve the situation ;).
    You girls have cracked me up so many times, and I bet that a few people have been wondering about that grin on my face while carrying a poop bag in my hand. They don't know about stark contrasts, purging problems and the like :-).
    Since I have started pocket scrapbooking only last year and do not think of myself as a shining example of sparkling creativity I am not sharing anything online, but I regularly check sites such as Studio Calico, Pinterest or Ali Edwards for inspiration.
    Your shows have added quite a lot of new names to my list of bookmarks, thanks for that!
    Tiffany, I am so excited to read your upcoming blog posts from Paris. It is my very favorite city in the world and I am sure you will have a blast there.

    Keep up the great work, ladies. Looking forward to many more hilarious shows!
    Best wishes, Regina

    1. Regina - your comment made our day! So happy you are listening and enjoying it!

  6. I enjoyed this one. I recently joined get it scrapped seeking inspiration and community. I'm a regular at studio calico (though not a subscriber) a member at paperclipping.

    I apologize that I wont be doing your facebook group (I am not on facebook). But i love following you both on ig!