Sunday, March 1, 2015

Episode 57: The Stamping Show

We've received many requests to do a show about stamping so here it is! Our friend, Tammy Graves, chimes in with her expert opinion on the ins and outs of stamping. We'll discuss types of stamps, inks, paper, how to get a clean image, what surface to stamp on, how to use stamping in scrapbooking and much more!

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We hope you'll enjoy seeing these links by this week's guest, Tammy Graves:

You can see a wide variety of stamping on this layout...

Tammy used a dauber and paint to make these fun circles - we love this! She also stamped on twill ribbon and don't miss the music notes on red cardstock. This layout is chock full of happy stamping!

Tammy carved her own stamp to make these flowers! We love them!

This is the layout Tammy referenced in the show about her middle child. She stamped the title and also stamped within the journaling multiple times...

This layout won a contest! We love the stamped, mixed title. The second word in the title is stamped on tiles!

This layout features stamping on strips of fabric for a title...

This layout features several ways of stamping, including embossing...

Tammy stamped the title of this layout and cut around it. Fun!

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Go and be crafty!
Tiffany and Tracie


  1. You know Jennifer McGuire's rule about buying stamp and supplies...if you can't figure out five different ways to use it, you may reconsider getting it!

    Tiffany, you threw away your Stamp-a-majig. I admit to having mine for a while but still not really knowing how to use it. I watch a video, then the concept leaves my mind. I think I need to watch and do at the same time.

    Tracie, peeled off the foam on the stamp press?! My word! Anytime I have something that I am not sure quite how it works, I run straight to YouTube. Everybody knows about Everything on YouTube. Don't do that again, ladies!

    I am glad you talked about stamping. I just wish we had heard more about the favored brands of stamps, not just the preferential type of stamp. Maybe it's something we can talk about in the FB Group.
    (doctor_diva_official, Tracie, from IG)

  2. We asked on our FB page and in our group for questions and topics they wanted discussed so we tried to stick with that but yes, favorite stamps would have been good! We'll throw that in another show. :) Thanks for commenting here! Would love you to join our group!

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