Sunday, March 15, 2015

Episode 59: Design Inspiration: Children's Books

This week, Scrapbook Wonderland's Alice Boll joins us to share fun and creative ways to use children's books as inspiration for our pages! We hope you'll be as inspired as we were by these great page prompts. 

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Alice's Blog Post with Links to Everything We Talked About!
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Go and be crafty!
Tiffany and Tracie


  1. Fantastic ideas and inspiration

  2. Lived this episode...when I dragged my DH to PEI I used a quote from various LM Montgomery books on each and every page.
    When Tracie talked about her Trixie Belden books it reminded me of how when my oldest son was little I bought him some Ramona books from a book order and... they had new illustrations. It bothered me so much that I ended up going from thrift store to thrift store to find copies of each book with the "proper illustrations". Lol

    I made a page once inspired by The Snowy Day

  3. Great episode! I have to add that Gordon Korman has been my favorite children's author since childhood. He's only 9 years older than me and I always loved that he started writing so young after being in charge of the class book orders! I got to meet him when my son was young and it was so cool. I had to scrap about that, of course!