Monday, April 6, 2015

Episode 62: Right Brain vs. Left Brain

This week, the tables are turned when Scrap Gals Community Member, Ellen Thompson, interviews the Scrap Gals!! We'll discuss right brain vs. left brain behavior and different learning styles and how they affect our scrapbooking! 

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Right Brain vs. Left Brain Quiz
What's your learning style?

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Thanks for listening!
Tracie and Tiffany


  1. I took a BPC class called the Art + Science of Scrapbooking in 2013. It was taught by Jennifer Wilson of and Stacy Julian. It had 6 weeks of double challenges one was focused for left brain and one was right. It was one of the funniest classes I've taken and I actually completed all 6 weeks of challenges. You should check it out I think it's moving over to the new BPC site. 😃

  2. Oh and I'm totally left brain. =)

  3. Marina - I totally remember that class now!!! We've been talking about this all day in our FB group and no one mentioned that, too funny! I love Jennifer Wilson!

  4. Where is the brain hemisphere assessment? I'd love to take it, though I know I'm primarily left-brained. See? I need to know and confirm this; hence, the left-brained need is showing here.

  5. Elisa - The link is above but here it is!

  6. Hi Scrapgals,
    thanks for the fun and interesting episode on brain powers!

    Tiffany, I might have an idea for your "photo printing problem". In Germany a lot of stores have so-called photo printing stations. You can easily upload images from your memory card or even directly from your smartphone and have them printed instantly and in surprisingly high quality for about 0.25 € per photo.
    Most drugstore chains have these printers. I should be surprised if they didn't have those in France, too. Perhaps you can ask your friend in Paris about that and where to find one in your neighborhood.

    Also, do you guys know my very favorite movie that's set in Paris? It's "The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain".
    Maybe you know it already, but if you don't, it's a must - a story for travelers to Paris, for photographers and also for memory keepers. I could watch it over and over again :-)

    Now I've already downloaded your latest episode of the podcast and my dog is waiting for his morning walk - win win ;-)
    Have a lovely day, ladies, and keep up the great work!
    Best wishes, Regina

  7. I'm behind in my listening - what a wonderful episode! I love this concept. Now, to take the quizzes....

  8. Only you guys could take a normally dry topic and turn it into a PARTAAAAAY!!! Loved it! :)

  9. I have been listening (again)..... I am INFJ and people think I'm snooty also. *introvert problems* hee hee