Monday, May 11, 2015

Episode 67: Real Life vs. Pros

This week, we're discussing what we've observed as the primary differences between real life scrapbookers (those who scrap as a hobby) and professionals (those who scrap as a job/for recognition/blogging, etc.). We would love to hear feedback from you about this topic! We'll be discussing this in our Facebook community so join us if you haven't already! 

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Links to Pros we mentioned:
Mou Saha
Wilna Furstenberg
Ali Edwards
Stacy Julian
Lisa Truesdell
Amy Tangerine
Jamie Waters

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Thanks for listening!
Tracie and Tiffany


  1. Great Show! I've been listening for about a month now - on the recommendation from Doris Sander - and I'm loving the show! I did a blog post today about single vs. double pages; also last month at Get It Scrapped was all about the single page layout (Single and Pretty) and this month is all about the double page (Loving the Double Wide). And yes, I totally do feel the mandate to be the family historian since I inherited much of my father and grandfather's genealogy work, documents and old photos - I do a lot, a lot, a lot of family history scrapbooking and I love it. Thanks for the great podcast!

  2. I am a new listener, so I am catching up on your older episodes as well as listening to the newest ones. I really am loving the insights you each have each podcast. I would love to hear an episode about the new decorated planner craze.

  3. Hi Ladies. I enjoyed the show and plan on listening to it again. I love how Tracie focuses on the story first and then the pictures on her layouts. I am interested in learning how to do journaling that is heartfelt, shows emotion, and draws the reader in. Thank you.