Sunday, May 17, 2015

Episode 68: 6x6 Paper Pad Love w/Jen Schow

This week, we're talking to the our talented friend, Jen Schow, about her YouTube series called "6x6 Paper Pad Love." She'll share 10 tips with us for getting the most from our paper pads and fill us in our her new series called "Out of the Pocket." 

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Here's how to find Jen Schow...
Layouts on Flickr

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Thanks for listening!
Tiffany and Tracie


  1. Caller Show entry:
    Okay so I totally would ask y'all...
    1) where do you get your inspiration for show topics & I know from past podcasts you had mentioned you batch planned the future episodes, do you always plan a bunch of show topics at one time?
    2) Tracie, are you having one last hoorah with Tiffany before she travels the world this Summer? What will you do with out having her around for that long and do you plan to scrap a layout about her absence?
    3) Tiffany, I cannot wait to see all your Instagram pics from your trip... Esp the food! Do you have any favorite things you like to eat while you are in Europe? Are you planning on trying something weird/ adventurous / out of the ordinary???

  2. I would love to talk to you guys on your caller show!
    1. How many scrapbooks do each of you have?
    2. You have to purge ALL of one kind of supply, what do you choose?
    3. You get to design a collection with the help of any designer, who do you choose?
    4. When you travel, how are you thinking about pictures/scrapbooking before and during the trip?
    4a. Dream vacation, where do you go? (this question is for both of you)

    I could talk about doing Project Life... and Disney scrapbooking.

  3. Caller show entry:
    I would like to ask your opinions on why companies make lines geared toward girl or boy. I am a mom of a boy, but I AM a girl and its my scrapbook. If I want to make a layout about my son with pink, purple, teal and flowers and bling, that I should be able to. Why are boy pages always limited to blue, green, browns and sports?
    Robin Conlin

  4. I just "discoverd" you gals a couple of days ago and I love your podcast! You are hilariously entertaining and full of good info. I found Jen Schow on YouTube earlier this month and part way through the first video I clicked the SUBSCRIBE button. All of you keep up the good work!

  5. I'm only part way through, but I had to pause and say I've never bought anything Project Life. I won a kit about a year ago (commented on a blog without realizing there was a giveaway) but I haven't used it.

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