Saturday, July 11, 2015

Episode 74: Good Buys vs. Bad Buys

This week, Ellen Thompson steps in for Tiffany and we discuss shopping for scrappy products, the good buys, the bad buys and more. To discuss this show, join us in our Facebook community at!

We no longer have a player on this site because Podomatic changed their embedded player so it will only play the latest show so here are two ways to listen:

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Thanks for listening!

Tracie and Ellen :)


  1. Thanks for getting the show notes up on this one!

    This was a fun episode... someone over on Studio Calico just posted the rather shocking total of what she had spent at SC since she started subscribing. I mean seriously. A LOT of money.

    My two biggest scrap purchases were gifts from my DH -- my Silhouette (the old SD, from before the Cameo -- went with it when everyone was Cricut crazy.... why? because I could cut any tru-type font! Which meant I could scrapbook my pictures from my time as a student in Russia with Russian titles... yeah? have I done that? ummm Nope not once.) and my GINORMOUS XXL crop bag! I actually used the crop bag the other night. It weighs about 2 tons.

  2. Another really fun episode! I have NO idea how much I've spent on scrap supplies in the my lifetime, but I'd guess it's lower than most people's. Does it count if I only get scrap stuff for every gift-giving occasion? That and working in the industry means I don't have to buy a lot!