Saturday, July 11, 2015

Episode 75: Filling in the Blanks

This week, we're filling in the blanks for some of our new listeners and discussing how we met and why we scrapbook. We'll also talk about whether or not we could ever give scrapbooking up and how being a scrapbooker does or does not define us. 

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Thanks for listening!
Tiffany and Tracie


  1. I loved this episode! So much good stuff from both of you!

    I have not been with you guys since episode one -- I started with Episode 10. Scrapbooking your Faith. Which I loved and found super motivating. I actually went and scrapbooked on a related topic almost immediately after that.

    It was a positive motivation and I struggle to find those sometimes in scrapbooking. You guys actually touched on one of my issues with that in this issue... Scrapbooking as two hobbies 1) scrapping and 2)shopping for scrapbooking LOL When I left Two Peas many years ago, it was because I found that 2Ps didn't motivate me to scrapbook. It motivated me to SHOP. I would go to stores in search of the HOT thing. Remember the insanity over the Threading Water punch (still have it) and the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors (yeah, got those too)?
    I realized that I wasn't scrapping the way I wanted I was so focused on the STUFF.

    In the call-in episode, remember when Mikki asked you what one supply would you purge all of? Before you could answer I paused the show, thought and concluded... I would get rid of all of my paper. Because I'd love to start with a clean slate! I would buy Christmas paper without feeling guilty because I have SO much Christmas paper LOL I would buy what I love now... no worries about what I've already got! Because sometimes that big stash hangs over me and I think "but I already have something I SHOULD use" Should isn't a great word for me in my hobby. Not freeing. Not fun! Or my albums! I'd ditch all my albums and move my layouts into pretty matched sets of albums. OOOH!!!

    And Tiff -- I was divorced and remarried before I started scrapbooking. I have always kind of struggled with how to document the times before... and mostly just decided not to. I told my Oldest son's stories in a way that pretty much just left his parents out of it and left it at that. Difficult.

  2. Thanks for the great comments Merrick! Sorry for the delay in posting these shows....I love hearing your feedback!!! I can't believe you'd start over with your paper! Wow!

  3. I recently started listening to your podcast and I am loving it! I've been hopping around in the episodes but this was one of my favorites. I loved hearing how you met and found scrapbooking. Great stories. I also appreciated Tiffany's openness about her divorce. I have been divorced and remarried during the time I have been a scrapbooker. I don't have any kids with my ex but I have about 5 completed albums. I never know what to do with these.
    Thanks for the great podcast. Keep up the good work.