Monday, November 16, 2015

Episode 94: Painful Reminders

This week, we discuss what to do with pictures and scrapbooks that are painful reminders of past relationships. We also talk about the difficult task of scrapping loved ones who are gone and how we can document the life lessons we've learned. 

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Tracie and Tiffany


  1. A great show today :) I too was in a bad marriage and the memories are hard, but after 20/30 years is a wee bit easier to scrap about it. I say keep it for 10 years and then look at it you'll be surprised how you will approach it

  2. loved the discussion in this podcast. I have scrapped painful events. It is part of who we are.

  3. Greetings Tiffany and Tracy, I just found your podcast and have enjoyed listening. They are kick-starting back into scrap-booking. As this podcast states "Painful Reminders". A traumatic situation sucked all the desire and creativity right out of me and also made me take a look at what is really important in life. My husband is a pastor and we have experience may hurtful situations. I understand betrayal too! And I have scrapped many of those memories some of them very personal. If I had gotten rid of all of that there would be very little our life recorded. I could say more but I will not bore you any more. Thanks again for the encouragement.