Monday, November 30, 2015

Episode 96: Memory Keeping Multiplied

This week, Carol Chastain and Jennifer Webb join us for an entertaining conversation about how to approach scrapbooking multiple children. We'll discuss making multiples of the same layout, specific album options for each child and strategies for not feeling overwhelmed.

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Carol Chastain
Jennifer Webb

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Let us know what you thought about having two guests! We loved it!

Thanks for listening!
Tiffany and Tracie


  1. I really liked this episode. I have a son and twin girls...this makes it even more complicated when I think about what kinds of layouts I do for each child!

  2. Wow Jen! You definitely have your hands full, just like our guests!

  3. Tracie I think you might like Shimelle Lanes ' Journal Your Christmas.

  4. Great topic! I also have 3 kids, all of whom were adopted at different ages. Our youngest child actually has the most albums because she's lived with us the longest. By comparison, I only have 2 photos of my oldest daughter from before the age of 5. I really appreciated the focus on telling stories, since that's what I try to focus. I don't worry about who has the most, I just document what I can. They can fight over it after I'm dead! :)

  5. Somehow this podcast got interrupted for me. I need to go back to listen to it. It was making me feel like a bad mom because I worked full time as they were growing up. I'm pretty sure if I listen to the rest of it, that feeling will go away.

  6. Fantastic show ladies! I'm one of those grandmas and so bad cause I know i favor the one grand over all the others :)