Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Episode 99: Back to Scrapping

This week, we're talking to our friend Ingunn Markiewicz about how she went from being on the CK Dream Team to taking a break from scrapping and then coming back to it after having a baby. We love Ingunn's fresh style and fabulous photography and hope you'll check her out at www.trailsnail.com.

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Thanks for listening! Don't miss next week's show! It's our 100th episode and it's a great one!

Tracie and Tiffany


  1. Thanks for another AWESOME show ladies! Tracie, thanks for sharing your OLW Discipline. I hadn't had any word come to me for this year (I didn't have one for 2015 either because nothing ever felt right), but I think Discipline sums up all of the scattered thoughts in my head about what I'm looking for this year. I'm a mom to an almost-2-year-old, work full-time outside the house, like to run/exercise, scrapbook, and read (among other things) and I've let all of these things (and WAY too much scrolling social media) keep me up entirely too late and then I struggle to get up early like I need to to work out. It's a vicious cycle. I kept thinking "I need to be ruthless...unwavering...in my (now I realize) discipline" to set cut off times for social media, stick to a set bedtime for myself, get up when the alarm goes off (not after 6 snoozes), etc. Thanks for inspiring my word this year!! I listen to lots of podcasts every week and the Scrap Gals is the one I'm always anxiously awaiting the download for!

  2. Fantastic show Ladies :) It's a joy to hear it :) Happy New Year to you both :)