Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Episode 103: Examining Why

This week, as a follow-up to last week's "intervention," we are examining WHY so many people have given up our hobby. We discuss having too many choices, too much stuff, the pain of the digital photography workflow, how social media has affected memory keeping and much more. We also hear first-hand from a long list of our friends who tell us exactly why they no longer take time to scrapbook.

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Tiffany and Tracie


  1. Another fabulous show ladies! I wanted to add my two cents to your discussion about printing photos. After going back and forth between physical and digital scrapbooking since my start in 2003, I’ve settled on digital Project Life in photobooks since January 2015. I had been making two physical Project Life albums a year and was not happy with how much space those 12” x 12” albums were taking up in my house, and how bulky they are when you try to look at them. And with a baby in the house (who is now 2), I just didn’t have the time or space to have things out to work on my spreads. I’m now doing my digital Project Life pages on my laptop, so I work on it daily on my lunch hour at work, and in the evenings as I can.

    I used to try to print my photos regularly, but I saw pretty quickly that printing even the highlights is inconceivable with the number of photos I take. Now with my daughter, I’m taking pictures of her every day. I just don’t have the physical space in my house to hold all the photo albums or boxes of photos if I printed them (even part of them). I made peace with that long ago. Being a digi scrapper probably also plays into that since I don’t need to have physical photos ready to scrap. But I’ve tweaked and tweaked my system until I’m comfortable with how my photos are stored/backed up. When I take photos on my phone, the Dropbox app is automatically pulling them into a folder in Dropbox when I’m on Wi-Fi. Once a week I move those into a folder on my laptop labeled with week number and date, and then I also copy them onto my desktop (long-term storage) before deleting them from Dropbox. My desktop is automatically backing up to Crashplan in the cloud (Tiffany – is my cloud close to your cloud? ;). Once I’ve made my Project Life layout for that week, I delete the photos from my laptop. The Project Life layout is copied (through Dropbox) to my desktop for storage and backup. And obviously at the end of the year, I’ll have a physical photobook with all of my most important pictures from the year that takes up MUCH less space than two 12” x 12” albums.

    Oh, I did want to also add that my daughter’s birthday each year prompts me to print my most favorite photos of her from the previous year. I stick them up on the wall at her birthday party, then have them to frame, display at work, etc. So I AM printing a few of the best photos, or those that show some of my favorite memories.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. I just wanted to add to the conversation and hopefully show that you can have a digital photo storage system that seems safe for long-term storage (safer than printed photos in the case of a fire, tornado, etc.). Thanks for an awesome show ladies!!

  2. Just had to raise my hand *raising my hand* . I'm 22 and have been scraping for the last 8-10 years. I started to have a place for my photos and results from competitions with my horses. That was my first album, just competitions or special training. I then started one for family or anything other really (that tool ages to finish!). Now like 8 years later, I do project life and scrapbook the "stories". I haven't have any scrapy-friend but I just love sitting down looking through the albums. I don't think it's so much as a hobby for me, just a part of life, documenting. Now I have a blog and youtube channel. I have no plan on stopping and I do think that "scrapbooking" is starting to apel to younger more and more. The designers of the bigger companies are younger and trends in home decor and fashion can be found in these paper.
    Any way just had to let you know, you have at least one twenty-year old listening!
    Love Julia

  3. Thanks for another great show! I too love it when it's just the two of your talking, but I also love hearing from your guests too. I'm just happy that you both take the time to create this show!

    I wanted to share that I started scrapbooking back in the 1990s, and I was introduced into the hobby through Creative Memories. Many times I hear stories of how consultants were strict, but that's not the experience I had. My consultant brought in other products from the get go, she allowed other women to show how they altered their albums--think cutting page protectors for items to be on the outside, pop-up elements on the tops of the pages, and cutting through the pages to see photos, paper, etc. behind. She never made anyone feel that you could only use Creative Memories product. I think her willingness to show different ideas is one reason I still scrapbook today. Also, I still use Creative Memories albums today because I've never found any albums that hold up as well.

    I found many of the reasons people stopped scrapbooking interesting. I, too, know many people who have given it up over the years. I have never had the issue of my kids not wanting their picture taken--I just took the pictures anyway. I never ran out of stories to tell either--my children are now 28 and 26--and they are not the only topics in my scrapbooks. For me I love to tell stories, and I love to have an artistic outlet. This is the perfect hobby! I scraplift many page ideas, but since I rarely share a layout online it doesn't matter. I also decided long ago to keep my photo process simple; I don't fix any photos. I just take them and print the ones I want. When we used film we wouldn't know how the photo looked until we picked it up at the developer. We scrapped those photos. I figure my photos aren't perfect, but I'm printing them and putting them into my albums along with stories. That makes me happy, and that's what a hobby should do--make you happy.

    I also wanted to add that I'm another listener who is not on Facebook, but I've thought about joining just for your group!

    Thanks again for all your inspiration!

  4. I am surprised that no one mentioned Becky Higgin's Project Life App, which pretty much solves many of the problems discussed on the show. I was going through a transition in my scrapbooking because of a very demanding church responsibility. I had used the app some but when time shrunk, I found I started turning to it more and more. The nice thing is that you can put together pages (and not have to stress about page orientation) and then print them. I don't do the typical project life stuff--not a bunch of everyday photos. I just use it to tell stories. It has given me a shot of life in my memory keeping process. I find myself driving kids around or in places where it isn't practical to pull out a whole scrapbook kit. But I almost always have my ipad or phone around. It literally takes just a few minutes to put together a page. It's so much easier to share the pages with family and friends. My sisters send me pics of their kids and I make pages of them and text the layouts back to them.

    I have printed out my layouts many times right from the app. The quality is great and the cost is reasonable. My only gripe is that if you want to print 8x8, finding the albums and page protectors is kind of hard. The Project Life Blog also said that sometime this year, you'll be able to make photobooks directly from the app and print them. I'm super excited to try that out. I think that will be a big game changer.

    The other thing that I think scrapbookers just need to decide and then do is to set a monthly system of printing photos from their phones. I use groovebook. It isn't the best quality but it isn't expensive either. Snapfish is still running their promo for printing 100 4x6 prints a month for $8.99 a month for a whole year if you download their app. How easy is that? It's not hard to use shutterfly or snapfish to get pictures printed. I like Snapfish better for the quality.

    I think the bottom line is that people absolutely HAVE to understand their purpose for scrapbooking. For me, the reason is to document my story and the story of my family. I believe passionately that the only person who is going to tell your story is you. When I get discouraged or tired of scrapbooking, I remind myself how sad I am that my grandmothers didn't keep journals, or destroyed their pictures. There are huge gaps from their lives that I can never fill in because they didn't see the value of their stories. I think my life has value and meaning and I want my grandchildren to know it. It makes me happy and gives me zest in my life!

  5. I think the story of the last 2 episodes are valid I think we need to talk more about this. But I disagree with some points and I think it's important to highlight that people scrap for different reasons and are in different stages in Scrapbooking if you never heard of scrapbooking before I think you don't get a realistic view of what scrapbooking really is in the last 2 episodes, which is : no rules ,scrapbooking for memory keeping absolutely has nothing to do or start with beautiful pictures. To me scrapbooking is about stories and stories don't necessarily have to have pictures, it makes me sad that the guest tied up the idea of having pictures of young children to her pleasure of scrapbooking I think that is what conversations about rules does and what the industry that sells producst wants you to think. It doesn't matter if your children don't want you to take pictures you don't need them to document or you don't need a picture of their face to talk about them. Because scrapbook has no rules. People feel guilty because they think they have to scrapbook this way or that way. At the end doesn't matter. Scrapbook is not a old grandmother hobby and if people think that is because they are not scrapbookers and and if they are not scrapbookers their opinions don't count ,so who cares?
    It's the same as if you ask a smoker if smoking is cool they are going to say yes and I'm going to say no it sucks.
    The points are valid but some points are personal opinions and beginners have to be aware of that. Because if you just want to play or use planners or use midoris, use pictures and no pictures put titles or not,do digital or paper it doesn't matter all these are scrapbooks of your life, and they don't have to be beautiful books with beautiful pictures, this is a personal choice.

  6. You inspired me to blog today. http://umenorskan.blogspot.com/2016/02/why-do-you-scrap-way-you-do.html

  7. I love, love, love your podcasts!! Having under gone two major relocations I've found organising my office and stash into kits and dejunking a liberating experience! I love making 12x12 layouts but do use the Becky Higgins PL app too otherwise I wouldn't be able to enjoy 75% of my photos. You can journal and tell your story as you go, then print out decorate at your leisure- perfect combination. No guilt with scrappy enjoyment :) keep the pod casts coming, you girls are so funny and make my day 😀

  8. Love your podcasts. Have been catching up on the older ones. Let me point out I haven't finished listening to this one and haven't read all the comments. Not sure if anyone else has made this comment. I have been scrapbooking for 17 years and a card maker for 5 years. I also have gotten where I don't tell hardly anyone any more that I scrapbook. Unless they are over at my house and they see my albums. I feel that people look at it as a waste of time and money. I have a large family and I would always request gift cards or a specific item for my Birthday and Christmas. It had gotten to the point that I would feel guilty for having my own scrapbook room and all the crafty goodies. Listening to you ladies have been a big help and now feel PROUD again documenting our families memories. 2nd comment: I feel that it is harder to get new people to start scrapbooking is because we don't have as many LSS around anymore. I think it is harder to buy products online when your not familiar with the quality of the product and not sure of what your buying. Again, love your podcasts.