Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Episode 104: Not Your Mama's Mini

This week, we're discussing the evolution of mini-albums. We discuss fresh and funky handmade journals and share ten examples that inspire us. We also go over which size of minis we've done, which sizes we want to do and we hear from our online community about the type of album they would most like to try.

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Here are links to the mini albums we described...

Tracie's Picks

Stephanie Bryan's Project Life Midori Traveler's Notebook

Tiffany's Picks

Here's a link to Amanda's blog which I (Tracie) just found and it's FABULOUS!

Fee du Scrap's Travel Mini

Jamie Pate's Heidi Swapp album

Join us in our online community to talk about all things scrappy!


  1. I love you people! There ....I admit it. I'm sort of addicted to your southern voices and your wicked good humor! Thanks for another episode of joy! Side note ~ I also discovered why it's important to put the "THE" in front of scrapgals! lol Keep up the goodness girls! <3 ~ MargeJ

    1. haha!!! I wish those other "scrap gals" would give that site up!

  2. My sentiments exactly - not the side note. :)

  3. I don't think of myself as a mini maker. I make JYC every year and those have been mostly 8x8 and 6x8 with a smashbook this year and three previous smashbooks.
    I still make 8x8s for baby gifts a couple of times a year.

  4. Loving your podcast and have been binge listening while I scrap for the last couple of weeks. I love creating mini albums but I never seem to put photos in them. Is that weird? Anywho, thanks for all of the links and I'm looking forward to checking out the new to me blogs. By the way, I still love blogs and visit at least 3 everyday. After listening to you guys talk about them, I am going to make a point to comment so the bloggers that I visit know that I love to be in their business lol. Thanks for all you do and can't wait to hear the next episode.

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  6. OK, so Tiffany, I'm still laughing about "Feed us crap"! People really need to read those URLs before they set up a website, even if they are in French. I'm about to start 2 mini books about our recent trip to DisneyWorld for our daughter's Sweet 16. I'm making one family book, and the other is for our daughter. She asked me before the trip if she was going to get her "own" book. Just when you think they don't care, right? I'm using 6 x 8 albums with divided page protectors. I've bought some Project Life protectors, and I'm going to create some of my own with my Fuse tool. Oh, and that was the. best. closing. ever. Thanks for making me laugh out loud on the bus coming home from work - on a day I really needed to. (Sorry for the deleted comment. I had to fix something, and I couldn't edit it.)

  7. enjoyable podcast and wow, such lovely minis! I love the look of them, but I find that I have issues on how to store them. there's something great about having albums all nice and organized on the shelf - so the minis through me off even though I have made quite a few!