Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Episode 109: The Urge to Purge

This week, we're discussing purging our supplies: why we purge, what we purge and even how we purge. We'll also reveal the answers to a poll taken in our community on purging and find out what our listeners think about it! 

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Tiffany and Tracie


  1. Putting in my 5c worth, as an "international" scrapbooker. Well, with the exchange rate and shipping... let's round that up to 15c. So, I am someone who is happy to purge. That is, over the last couple of years, I had to get over the fact that I had "paid good money" for this stuff, or it was "pretty, but I don't know how or when I'll use it", and I have taken stuff I just will never use, and donated it to others. I don't mind the age of stash. But, sometimes we end up with stuff we just don't want to use. For me, I had a lot of older CM collections where I had exhausted my use for a pack of papers, and I just didn't want to scrap pages with muddy toned dark greens, browns and maroons. Other times I received bits and pieces as part of a short subscription to a kit club (I don't like bows, anchors, themed products), and really, I am just not going to make pages that suit these things. The thing is, it is expensive to get product in NZ, and also, not always easy. Exchange rates and shipping is expensive. Not every product line is brought in my scrapbook stores here. It's almost impossible to get Crate Paper in Australasia unless you order direct from the US, or if you're part of a kit club. Even when a store buys a certain line, they won't stock all the collection. They might only stock the paper pad. Or they might only stock the 12x12 paper and the diecut pack. Also, we don't have the same kind of sales in NZ as you do in the US. A store might have a 10% or 15% off sale of older lines, but NEVER do we have 40% or 50% off. Clearance in NZ usually means 20-30% off something. We don't have coupons as such in NZ. A store might send out a voucher to a customer list that allows $40 off of a purchased over $100. And in NZ, the T&Cs of a company usually allows only once voucher or discount per purchase, and it might only be allowed on full priced items. Let's just say... you won't find an Extreme Coupon episode filmed in this part of the world. So, with product costing so much, I tend to not to over buy, and I will use product that I don't love... but I still have to like it. Just to give you an example of a recent purchase from Scrapbook dot Com. I took advantage of some of their sale items, and also they had a 10% off coupon. In US$, my order came to $69.18 + shipping $14.84. I had a discount of $6.92, so total US$77.10. My NZ credit card was charged $116.74. But this was all stuff I couldn't get anywhere in NZ at this time.

  2. Great show ladies :) It was a fun topic :) I'm not one that purges, I love everything, but I see your point about if you don't like you would purge it :) I have gotten swap boxes where I didn't like the stuff and either give to another scrapper in a swap or I purge, but I can come to purge like you Tracie :)

  3. I've been scrapbooking since 2000 and I did my very first purge this year. Wow! I had so much stuff it was ridiculous. It feels good but I am a little nervous about some of the tools that I am getting rid of. My scrapbook room feels empty now!