Monday, March 28, 2016

Episode 111: Scrappy FOMO

This week, our friend Jennifer Webb joins us and we discuss why we buy things but don't use them. From tools to paper to embellishments, we just had to have it but why did we never use it? We will try to figure out why as we laugh a lot along the way.  

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The Creative Webb

Thanks so much for listening! Have a great day!

Tiffany and Tracie


  1. Ha! I think that scrappy FOMO is real and I have suffered from this in the past. Great show.

  2. I'm just catching up on episodes. This was such a fun episode and it's probably something most of us scrappers can relate to. I was thinking about Jennifer's question at the end about how to end the FOMO? and just wanted to mention that I kind of did get over it after doing some major purging. I gave away $100s of supplies I HAD to have and no longer wanted to use. I still buy things I really really love and think I will actually use but I am more thoughtful about what I purchase...for the most part. ;)

  3. I go in phases with the shopping... sometimes I shop way, way too much... and shopping breeds shopping for me. I bought so much for a while... I actually quit participating in Two Peas because I realized that it motivated me to shop way more than it motivated me to scrapbook lol

  4. I am totally in agreement with the love of washi tape. I use it constantly; it has also replaced ribbon for me. I cut it and tear it, depending on what the layout needs. I also use it on cards sometimes, and I even once gave some to my son for a school project he was completing.

  5. Who else is listening in 2017? :-D
    Tiffany, Tracie, I love your show so much. You make me laugh and really, there is so much food for thought, I like to re-listen your shows.

    btw: I had Scoringboard-FOMO and I am glad I bought it (2nd hand, a good deal) because I use it for creating my own custom made Traveller's Notebooks and for my photo album renovatiom project I use it for folding sheets which I integrate into the old ("threadbound") album.

    The best part of your shows is the joy you bring to my home. Thank you, again and again, for making me smile, for making laugh, for sharing all you two share. It's not just what you say, but how you say it. From the heart. Thank you!