Monday, April 25, 2016

Episode 115: I Was a Teenage Scrapbooker

This week, we're interviewing Lydia Gibson and Megan Claborn about what it's like to be a teenage scrapbooker. Lydia is 14 and Megan is 19 but both are wise beyond their years. We loved hearing their thoughts on products available for their interests, how they got started scrapbooking and where this hobby is going for them. 

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Thanks so much for listening! Have a great day!

Tiffany and Tracie


  1. I found this interesting! My son's fiancee is a young scrapper. :) I hope there are more coming!

  2. My daughter has been memory keeping in some fashion since grade school; she's now 26. She started because I was scrapbooking, and went to CKC conventions with me for several years, not because she was as into it at that time, but because we had fun together. She then turned to smash booking, and now is into planners and Bible journaling. However, I don't think she would, now or ever, call herself a scrapbooker. I think there are probably lots of younger people who are a part of this hobby, but don't realize it.

    I'm happy you had these two young women on your show!

  3. This was such a fun show and great to hear a younger point of view about scrapping :) Hopefully a few companies heard it too and will change what they have been doing in regards to paper and embies

  4. I heard the program in April. I enjoyed it. It is good to hear younger ones coming on board. I to started out as a young scrapper but now I am old! I've been scrapping for forth-two years. Scrapping has come a looooooong way and I love it. My daughter picked up in scrapping also. She has five children and at the wonderful pictures she scraps. Thanks.