Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Episode 121: The Great Stash Debate

This week, our friends, Mary Ann Jenkins and Kake Sanchez, join us to discuss stashes...small, medium and large. We'll ponder the pros and cons of each size, how we're acquiring our supplies and whether or not our output affects our intake.

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  1. This show was fantastic! Love the whole thing :) I relate to Tiffany and Mary Ann :) I have a dedicateed scrap room and try to scrap when I can :) I agree with Mary Ann about this is my only hobby now and since I quit smoking 8 years ago I feel that this is my reward and the money I spent on cigs I now spend on scrapping, but like Tiffany I now don't have the need to shop unless I need something :) or a gift card ;0 You ladies rocked it this week :) So Mary Ann I need to hear more about this 1880 era picture you scraped will need to check out your heritage scrapping I got some I want to scrap :)

  2. I just finished listening to stash debate show, which was really fun. I am now thinking about where I would classify my stash on the spectrum...although I'd like to think I'm in the medium-small zone!!

    Toward the beginning, you ladies were discussing the relationship of stash size to whether or not a person has a room dedicated to the craft. I have a dedicated room (thank you, my wonderful Husband!!), and it got me thinking about how I have divided passions within my hobbies -- for me, it's scrapbooking + sewing (and of course, there are other things I like to do, but those are my absolute favorites--to the point where I really can't tell you which one is my #1 favorite). Mary Ann also brought up at the end how her discretionary funds go essentially entirely toward scrapbooking; I divide my funds between scrapbook supplies and sewing supplies. I would love to hear a show discussion on how different people manage two (or more) hobbies that they absolutely are passionate about!
    Thanks again for a great show!! I loved listening to it (while I was working on a sewing project ;-))
    ~Natalie (QSOgirl) from Vegetablog