Monday, June 27, 2016

Episode 123: The Great Photo Organization

This week, we're discussing a massive photo organization project that Missy Sauter recently undertook. In the span of a few weeks, Missy labeled and organized over 30,000 printed photos into categorized boxes. We hope this inspires you to tackle your own photo organization project and that, as we did, you'll find ideas that might work for you.

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  1. Photo organization (digital and print) is such a big job. Dates on images have become important now that I'm a grandmother and want to compare what my daughter looked like when she was my granddaughter's age. Wish I would have been more precise all those years ago.

    Also, wanted to suggest Google Photos for backing up phone photos. There is free unlimited automatic backup (up to a certain file size) for Android and iOS. You can also upload DSLR files. Everyone in our family uses it and we put our photos in a shared album. Once it is in a shared album, we can add any images that other family members have taken to our own library and can then download them for printing, etc. Solves problems like Missy's daughter losing her photos and Tiffany having to print images from texts.

    1. Tiffany actually uses Google backup. I think we've talked about that a lot before but we should have probably brought that up! :)

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  3. This was a wonderful episode and I need to do something like this cause my photos are a hot mess! Scattered all over the house. It makes think I should rein them all in and get organized. A great project for the winter time :)

  4. I'm 20 and have scrapbooked and journaled forever! I love printing photos, but I do find it weird that all of my friends think it's weird that I print photos and have books. I find it so therapeutic and like you said, I like having these memories for my future kids to look back on!

  5. Hi Tracie, hi Tiffany! Hello Missy Sauter!

    I have been listening to this episode 3 times on 1 day. No kidding!
    I had to rewind again and again, because I organised my photos while listening to this show and got too focused on organising. You three are food for thought and not just thought but also action.
    Thank you and Missy Sauter, your talk was super helpful.
    best, Paula from Vienna, Austria

    PS: I had no idea, you Tracie are a fan of the Canon Selphy, too. This little machine is a life changer in terms of memory keeping. I love it!