Monday, July 18, 2016

Episode 126: Scrap Gal in Spain

Many of you requested to hear how Tiffany's trip to Spain is going so we asked questions of our online community and in this week's show, Tiffany gives us her answers. This is a fun look at how Tiffany's summer in Spain is going and we hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I loved this post! I really appreciate Tiffany's truthful commentary about her time in Spain. We are taking a trip to Germany in a few weeks. We are very excited to go even though we know the German people can be a little cold and standoffish. I would love to hear/read about how you scrapbook/document your trip after you get back. We are bringing out (then) 16-month-old son so there will not be any scrapbooking during the trip, lol.

  2. I so enjoyed this post. I have found you gals recently and am really enjoying your podcast. I lived in Istanbul many years and now spend several months a year here, usually in the summer. So many of your answers where just what I would have said (except for the food, it's wonderful here). You expressed things so beautifully and I found myself wishing that I had had those answers in such eloquent form when people have asked me the same questions. Yes the heat, and it is not as hot here as there. I always find my clothes are not quite light enough. And I also wanted to say...your packing ability is amazing!! Seriously a carry on and it included art products! Amazing.