Monday, August 8, 2016

Episode 129: Crafty Evangelists

This week, we're having a fun conversation with our friends, Amber Page and Jennifer Webb, about sharing our craftiness. Amber recently hosted a class at her work so she gives us details on the invitation, organization and implementation of the class. Tiffany tells a great story about sharing scrapbooking with a group of Kentucky ladies and Jennifer and Tracie tell about their plans to host some crafty get togethers. We hope this show inspires you to go and be a Crafty Evangelist!

Join us in our online community to talk about all things scrappy.

Have an awesome day!
Tiffany and Tracie

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  1. What a great show - I literally devoured it, as I'm starting a weekly faith scrapping group in our church from September. This episode was so full of great advice and things to expect... thank you, ladies!