Monday, August 15, 2016

Episode 130: Our Favey Faves

This week, our friend, Andrea Bethke, joins us to discuss our favorite new product releases. From Crate Paper to Photo Play, we take turns telling our favey faves! Get your credit card ready girls, 'cause after this show, you're gonna need it.

If you have never checked out Andrea's website, you should! Click here and be sure to check out her amazing class at BPC called One Magical Mini. It's amaze-balls!

We just love Andrea's work...holy paperclips Batman!

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Have an awesome day!
Tiffany and Tracie



  1. Dear Tiffany and Tracie,

    Great episode. It was fun listening to you and Andrea talk about the new lines. I loved when one of you (I can't recall who) said we're all 12-year old girls inside. That is so true. Normally I feel like I need to hide my love of pretty paper and stickers but that comment made me realize feeling young about it is actually a really cool thing.

    I enjoy your show for more reasons than there is space to write - the diverse and interesting topics, lively conversations, depth of your expertise, etc. But most of all, I appreciate that you're open-minded and welcoming to a wide variety of forms of memory keeping. I'm began memory keeping just last year in midori traveler's notebooks and project life. I initially was drawn in by the planners. I tried listening to another popular scrapbooking podcast and felt kind of unwelcome because the host was critical of the planner craze and focused on 12 x 12 layouts. So I was so excited to find your show and feel included. Thank you!

    As a newbie, one question I have is about the 12 x 12 paper pads. I'm getting into making my own midori-size notebooks and purchased a couple of Crate Paper pads. I didn't realize until they came in the mail that they were one-sided. Also the paper seems like it might not be quite as heavy of a weight as the individual sheets. I wonder if most brand name 12 x 12 pads are one sided paper and why that is - less expensive for the consumer so lesser quality?

    I grew up in southern Illinois (about 3 hours from KY and 4 to Nashville) but have lived in the Pacific Northwest for the past 25 years. So even though IL and where you are isn't exactly the same, listening to the two of you reminds me of home and my family. Yet another reason I look forward to your show each week.

  2. Tracie, have you seen this post by Jennifer Wilson at Simple Scrapper on how she organizes her die cuts? I switched to this earlier this year, in place of color themed baskets, in order to organize die cut packs with a million tiny pieces. Like anything, it's not perfect, but it has been helpful!

  3. loved this episode so much, I listened to it twice in a row. Two things that stuck out were the crate paper storage items. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE crate paper but the moment I saw them, I thought; I can buy a wire basket anywhere or I can spray paint my own muffin tin.
    Also, in talking about embellishment storage, I sort mine by type for example Flowers, hearts, paperclips, washi etc and find it quite helpful to be able to use the items regularly. I may need to buy more containers though with all the new product lines you talked about. I want it ALL. I kinda get overwhelmed and I want the new products to STOP for a minute so I can catch up and use it up first (okay, no, I just want more)