Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Episode 131: The Death of The Double Pager

This week, our guest, Hannah Lemieux, joins us to discuss why we seldom see double page layouts on design team blogs, social media and other industry inspiration. We know many of you LOVE double page layouts so this show is just for you. We're examining why there is often a disconnect between what we're creating at home and what is offered in the industry as inspiration. We discuss how varying approaches to scrapbooking greatly affect our process and end result (our layouts) and specific ways we can translate the inspiration currently offered into something we can use. 

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Tiffany and Tracie

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode, as usual. But I did want to drop in and say how impressed I was at the way you researched the topic and framed both your questions and your thoughts, Tracie - you have a gift for really thinking a topic through and making a muddy area seem very clear. You have a gift as a podcast host generally! Great job xx

  2. I am having a Facebook hiatus but had to come here to say how much I loved this episode! (What else is new!)
    I started off with the double page 12x 12 layouts in the early 2000's but now am a strictly single 8.5x11 page girl! I use the layout to showcase a single special photo and the opposite page is pocket pages. It took me a long time, but I finally realised that LESS is MORE! No one is going to appreciate inheriting acres of albums, but a well edited and easily separated collection will be easier to handle. Yes, I do this for me, but even I rarely look at the 12x 12 albums - it's always the 8.5x11 that gets pulled out by everyone. And those giant albums have to be stored!

    But the biggest change was swapping from post bound to three ring - there was absolutely no need to worry about a double pager.
    Tracie, I used to have my photos chronologically in slip in albums, too! When you spoke about that I thought, OH WOW! How wonderful if I still has a majority in those and just scrapped the really special ones! But, you can't turn back time, unfortunately!

  3. I smiled when you talked about starting the 8-1/2 x 11 landscape pages. I bought an album at HL a long time ago (because it was pretty and on sale, not because I thought I would use it!) One day I was in a funk and decided to switch to this size and I LOVE it. Of course I can no longer find these but I still do them and put them regular albums. BTW I love three ring - no more fighting with all the parts to get everything back together and flat!

  4. I'm in the minority, I think, but I do both single and double page layouts equally in my albums. I scrapbook a combination of every day photos and event photos and both styles just work. I also like the variety it adds when looking through my albums. What I don't do is pocket pages. I have tried them, and I don't enjoy them. Thanks for another great topic--I always look forward to Tuesdays because of the Scrap Gals!!

  5. I scrap both single and double page layouts. However, I rarely post a double pager online. They are a pain to photograph and do not show up very well online. So, if you looked at my blog or scrapbook.com gallery, you would think I only scrap single pages, but that would be wrong!

  6. Regarding ideas for double page layouts: I went over to Debbie Hodge and her Get It Scrapped blog and searched "double page". Found lots of inspiration! http://debbiehodge.com/?s=double+page&submit=Search

  7. Great episode! I'm an event scrapbooker and like to get as many pictures on a page as possible. my scrapbooks are my photo album, therefore I mostly did double page layouts. However, my kids scrapbooks are generally single page layouts as those pages are more unique (sports, first day of school, birthdays, etc)and specific to the individual. they are older now (16 and 21) so I don't have as many photos for them. Having said all that I recently made the switch to pocket pages and I'm all over the map with that, single, double, different size page protectors, you name it!! thanks for all the inspiration, I benefit from every single episode you do.

  8. I do a mix of double and single. I do double pages of events and others with random mixes of photos which are like my project life pages. Asa Malm's youtube channel is a great place for those of us that want lots of photos on some pages to go along with other story focused pages. You can do it all in the same album.