Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Episode 152: For Posterity's Sake

This week, we discuss documenting difficult and important stories for posterity's sake. Scrap Gals Listener, Sharlene Boltz, join us to work through this meaty topic. 

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Tiffany and Tracie

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  1. On the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I had my husband, son, daughter, and daughter-in-law all write down what they remembered of that day--where they were when they heard the news, what they felt, etc. I typed up their own words and mine, added three pictures I pulled from the internet, and created a doubled page spread putting each person's story in a column. I have five perspectives that are all very different as we were all in different places when we heard. My daughter was the youngest, in 6th grade when it happened, yet she still remembered what her teacher said and did that day. It was a good way to get the words of other family members in my album, as well as document a bigger story. I also found that waiting 10 years to capture the story helped as we could tell a bit about the days after and what we noticed. For example, we live under a busy flight pattern, and the days after it was very noticeable that there were no planes flying over us.
    Thanks for another great show!!