Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Episode 153: Developing a Creative Habit

This week, we discuss daily practices we can implement to develop a creative habit in our lives so our memory keeping is more productive. 

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Tiffany and Tracie


  1. I am loving your podcast! Have either one of you ever looked at the idea of "Junk Journals?" There are so many videos on YouTube that use this idea of preserving memories, either as altering a real book or creating a book from scratch. One of my absolute favorite junk journal artists is Beth Wallen, who has many YouTube videos showing her gorgeous creations. I would love it if you would take a look and possibly use this idea for an upcoming podcast. Another journaled who uses the traveler's notebook idea is Nazzie on YouTube (under the name of Amity Bloom). She creates the most beautiful journals using ephemera like children's book illustrations. Thanks again for your show!

  2. Oooops, I meant to add that junk journals are a great way to use up scrapbook paper!