Monday, November 14, 2016

Episode 142: Document This

75 Ideas for Documenting in your December Daily

1) Go to a Christmas Parade.
2) Buy a new Christmas tree and take a picture of you shopping for it.
3) Attend a handbell or living Christmas tree performance at a school or church. 
4) Attend a Christmas or holiday music concert in your town. 
5) Attend a local theater production of “A Christmas Carol” or other holiday play.
6) Take your pet to see Santa at the pet store.
7) Go see Santa, no matter your age. 
8) Make Christmas cookies (break and bake or with a recipe).  Document the recipe.
9) Buy Christmas treats at a bakery, put them on a pretty platter and take a picture. Take pictures in the bakery too of all their holiday displays.
10) Buy Christmas doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.
11) Give a gift to someone on the Angel Tree. Document the angel list, shopping, wrapping, etc. 
12) Document each decorated area of your house and spread the pictures out over several days, throughout your album.
13) Make a crafty gift for someone and take a picture of the process and finished project.
14) Take a picture of your addressed Christmas cards and include one of your cards in your album.
15) Make a pocket page for receipts and other ephemera.
16) Document your holiday collections: nutcrackers, snowmen, Santas, ornaments.
17) Visit a Holiday Open House at a local small business. 
18) Take pictures while shopping in the mall, window displays, favorite products, etc.
19) Go to a Drive-Thru Light Display.
20) Drive around a pretty neighborhood or downtown area and take pictures of the light displays.
21) Find a large tree or holiday display in your area and take a picture standing by it. 
22) Go to a holiday party at work, church or a friend’s house.
23) Get a group picture of your co-workers and you or you and some friends.
24) Get together with family or friends for lunch or dinner and document it.
25) Go see a holiday movie, take a picture of the marquee or you in the theater.
26) Photograph the packaging on your favorite holiday products. 
27) Take a picture of your Christmas shopping list/budget.
28) Photograph your gift wrapping supplies.
29) Photograph your piled up shopping cart or you carrying packages and bags or your trunk filled with bags and packages. 
30) Photograph the packages that are delivered to your doorstop. Get your tree in the background or you standing in your door with a wreath or other decoration.
31) Light Advent Candles each Sunday.
32) Photograph your favorite candle and document the smells of the season.
33) Photograph heirloom dishes you use each Christmas and the story behind it.
34) Document your favorite memory of Christmas growing up.
35) Document a story from your childhood about someone’s home you went to: the food you ate, the candy dish, who gathered there.
36) Fill a dish with Christmas candy and take a picture and tell why you love that candy.
37) Document your favorite Christmas jewelry and/or purses.
38) Document the story of how you asked for gifts as a child. Did you order from a catalog? Did you go to the store and look around? Write down things you saw in commercials? Did you have a budget?
39) Document something you asked for as a child and if you did or did not get it. Get a picture off the internet. 
40) Document your workplace and job. Have someone take a picture of you at your desk.
41) Document one of your favorite Christmas movies. Print a scene from the movie or the cover. Include quotes from the movie in your journaling.
42) Document your favorite Christmas specials like Rankin Bass’ “Rudolph” or “The Night Before Christmas.”
43) Document a favorite Christmas carol with sheet music or a specific song by an artist. Find the artwork from that album. Journal about how you listen to Christmas music now vs. in the past and what songs remind you of your childhood.
44) Tell a funny story about singing Christmas carols at Christmas growing up. Did you ever go caroling? Do the members of your family sing well? 
45) Begin your album with a list of your hopes for the season ala Ali or Brandi. Call it “Intentions” or “Wish List.”
46) Document why you love Christmas or another holiday. Take the opportunity to document your faith and what Christmas (or Hanukkah) means to you. 
47) If you don’t love the holiday, make a list of the good things about it so you can focus on the positive.
48) Take a picture at a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day church service or a regular service during the season.
49) Document a favorite dish from the holidays that your Mom made. 
50) Document your favorite holiday traditions. 
51) Photograph a dark room with the twinkle lights of your tree and tell why you love the peace of the season.
52) Write a “Dear Santa” letter with your grown up Christmas list. 
53) Photograph the traffic at the mall or in town to show the busyness of the season.
54) Photograph your favorite street in town and talk about why you would like to live there.
55) Take a photo from outside the window of your house. Record what you see when you walk up and can see your tree lit up outside.
56) Photograph your Christmas dishes and your table set for the holidays.
57) Photograph a relative’s home and/or tree. 
58) Photograph your Elf on a Shelf doing silly things.
59) Make a cup of cocoa, pile it high with whipped cream and photograph it. 
60) Cuddle up with a cozy blanket and build a fire in the fireplace and set the tripod up and photograph yourself or you and your family all snuggled up. 
61) Make Christmas treats and sweets and document the process: rice krispie treats, a gingerbread house, brownies, etc.
62) Document a kid or your own Christmas list. If your kids write a letter to Santa, make that the entire day’s documentation.
63) Photograph your Christmas CD’s or vintage Christmas records of your Pandora playlist.
64) Photograph a collection of Christmas books or just one book you remember from your childhood Christmases. If you don’t own it, get an image online.
65) Document your favorite football teams.
66) Photograph what you’re wearing right now in December 2016 and talk about trends come and go.
67) Buy new flannel sheets and document your bed all made up.
68) Photograph your pet in their holiday sweater.
69) Find a piece of art that embodies the Christmas season for you and include a photo of it and why you love it. 
70) Look at your church calendar to find out what programs they have at Christmas, volunteer for a kids or Seniorevent. If you don’t attend a church regularly, just choose a random local one. Everyone is welcome at a church.
71) Photograph the Salvation Army Bell Ringer outside a store. (Ask permission first!)
72) Have a Christmas photo shoot somewhere beautiful at the holidays. Photograph your child or yourself. Go with a friend and take pictures of each other. 
73) Photograph a snowy landscape during the holiday season.
74) Document a place you would love to visit during the holidays.
75) Document the relationships in your life this December by including a quote from someone and a cute photo of them. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Episode 141: December Daily with Brandi Kincaid

This week, we are talking to the incredibly talented Brandi Kincaid about a topic near to our hearts: December Daily. Brandi shares her experience with December Daily and gives us some wonderful insight into her approach. We answer a listener comment about December Daily and dive deep into the reasons we embark on this project each year. This is the first of several shows on December Daily: we'll continue the conversation next week with your feedback! Call our new Scrap Gals Listener Line to chime in on this topic: 615-601-1223. 

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Episode 140: All the Single Ladies

This week, we're talking about scrapbooking our own stories. Our friend, Kake Sanchez, joins us as we talk about viewing scrapbooking as a personal journal and how much value storytelling has for every life. 

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Tiffany and Tracie

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Episode 139: Starting Over

This week, we're discussing what we would do differently if we could start our hobby all over again. 

Just a note: In this show, we neglected to announce the winner of the Get Messy giveaway from two weeks ago!! The winner is listener, Karen Price. Congratulations Karen! To enter a new giveaway to win Ready, Sketch, Go! Volume 1, 2 and 3 - leave a comment in our Facebook group, The Scrap Gals Community! We'd love to get to know you there!

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Episode 138: Never Say This

A recent thread in our community sparked this episode. What are some things you really should never say to a scrapbooker? We talk about the comments our community members shared as well as our reactions to those comments and any similar experiences we've had. This is a fun episode that we hope almost everyone can relate to, even if it's only through vicarious outrage rather than personal experience.

Thanks for joining us for another fun episode; we're so glad you're here with us again this week!

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Tiffany and Tracie 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Episode 137: Get Messy

This week, we are chatting with Lauren and Caylee of the Get Messy Art Journal Community. We discuss their classes and membership as well as the intersection of art journaling and scrapbooking. If you're interested in art journaling or just want to hear about more opportunities for creativity, then you definitely need to listen. Even better? Lauren and Caylee are offering all of our listeners a coupon and one special listener will win a giveaway of a one year membership to the Get Messy community. You have until October 12, 2016 to enter the giveaway by leaving a comment below.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Episode 134: The Newbie Conundrum

This week, we have a discussion with listeners Tiffany Brand and Adrienne Hogan in response to a thread posted in our community in follow up to last week's show about "The New Rules of Scrapbooking." We discuss a wide variety of topics including how much more difficult it is now for new people to learn about scrapbooking vs. the days of home parties, scrapbook stores, multiple magazines and more people participating in the craft. We also discuss bridging the gap between scrapbookers who participate in online communities vs. those who do not. We hope you enjoy this thought provoking episode! 

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