Monday, January 25, 2016

Episode 102: The Intervention

This week, we're talking one of our listeners off the ledge of leaving scrapbooking! Karen Biederman kindly allows us to analyze her issues and our friend, fellow listener, Ginny Hughes, helps us give her a pep talk. We'll share 10 tips for anyone who might be thinking of breaking up with scrapping! If that's you...we hope this inspires you!

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Visit Ginny's blog here and Karen's site here (site is down at the moment).

Here are our 12 tips for talking yourself off the ledge!

1) Ask yourself "what is my reason why?" What made you start memory keeping in the first place?

2) Take a break and see if you miss it or don't take a break, just keep going and create something daily so you don't lose your mojo.

3) Quit design teams or other scrappy commitments.

4) Take classes or stop taking classes if that's overwhelming you.

5) Make your own spot - address your space.

6) Change the format you're scrapping in, try something new. If you always do 12x12 pages, try 8.5x11 or 6x8! If you only do Project Life, try layouts and vice versa.

7) Don't overthink scrapping - shut out the voices of everyone else's opinion.

8) Change your buying habits. If you are buying too much, stop and use your stash. If you're not getting new product at all, join a kit club!

9) Get off the internet if you're overwhelmed by all the ideas or it's keeping you from scrapbooking or get on the internet if you need inspiration.

10) Stop scrapbooking and just journal.

11) Take great pictures!

12) Ask yourself, how would I feel if I was not a scrapbooker?

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Tiffany and Tracie

Monday, January 11, 2016

Episode 100: How To Be Prolific: Part One

In this, our 100th episode, we're starting a recurring series where we'll examine how we, as scrapbookers, can be more productive in 2016! This week, our guests Alice Boll and Crafty Jen Schow, give us their top tips for being prolific.

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1) Define your process.
Consider your process for making a page, write down the steps you take to make a page and then follow them again in order when you're ready to be creative.

2) Don't interrupt your flow.

Gather your supplies before you begin or organize your area in such a way that all your supplies are close at hand. Examine what interrupts your flow and then take steps to eliminate those issues so you don't interrupt your process.

3) Figure out what slows you down.

Think about why you are not a fast scrapper. Decide to be more decisive as you scrapbook. Make a list of what other steps you could take to speed up your process.

4) Do what inspires you.
Keep your process fresh by switching up your starting point. Start with a story, a product, a technique or design depending on what is inspiring you at the moment. If you're feeling low on inspiration, look through your products to see if one sparks an idea for a story and then find a story to go with it.

5) Scraplift yourself.
Examine a few of your layouts and make a list of elements that define your style. When it's time to create, make your project following those guidelines. Your page will come together more quickly because you'll be working with a design that's tried and true for you.

6) Use a sketch or a "go-to design." 
Create a portfolio of go-to designs by sketching out some of your favorite layouts (your own or someone else's). To make a project quickly, choose a pre-made sketch or one from your go-to designs. Eventually you'll build a repertoire of go-to designs that you know work for you.

7) Let go of perfection.
Every layout doesn't have a masterpiece. Go with the first embellishment or paper you come to: don't keep looking for the perfect piece. Remember your reason for scrapbooking and remind yourself it's less about creating a masterpiece and more about memory keeping.

8) Find a process for your photos.
Have a defined process for downloading and editing your photos. Decide to do it weekly or monthly. Upload photos to an online developer regularly or print at home. Don't let editing and printing a photo keep you from telling a story or making a page. Have photos on hand that you want to create with.

9) Commit to doing more scrapbooking in 2016.
Decide you're going to dedicate yourself this year to being productive. Sign up for a challenge or project that gives you a deadline to submit your page to (like Layout a Day or Week in the Life). Join a community or Facebook group to stay inspired and motivated.

10) Channel your online inspiration.
Once you find an idea online that inspires you, get off the internet and create! Limit the time you spend looking for inspiration so the ideas don't overwhelm you. Write down or sketch an idea as soon as you see it and then run with it.

11) Stay off the internet!
Don't spend the time you have for creating surfing the web.

12) Make a goal and then reward yourself for a job well done.
Give yourself a goal of creating a specific amount of layouts. When you've accomplished that goal, reward yourself with time online or a bit of scrappy shopping.

13) Keep your supplies and space organized.
Have a place for everything so you can find your supplies quickly. Put everything back and clean your space before starting a new project.

14) Set a time limit.
Set the timer for a specific time and see how much you can get done. This will force you to make quicker decisions.

15) Limit the supplies you can use.
Choose a few products and decide to stay with just those supplies. Don't allow yourself to look through everything you own. Create some kits in advance with paper and embellishments that match or use your themed supplies to create a page for a holiday or season.

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Check out Crafty Jen Schow's site and classes here.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Episode 99: Back to Scrapping

This week, we're talking to our friend Ingunn Markiewicz about how she went from being on the CK Dream Team to taking a break from scrapping and then coming back to it after having a baby. We love Ingunn's fresh style and fabulous photography and hope you'll check her out at

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