How to Listen to The Scrap Gals Podcast

The Scrap Gals Podcast is available as premium paid content, accessed exclusively through the Podbean website or app. For only $5 per month, you can listen to a new show each week AND have access to our library of 300 episodes.

You can check out our show and find out more about us, by listening to our free episode, "Meet the Scrap Gals."

To subscribe to our feed, follow these steps. Once subscribed, listen to the latest episode for a link to our latest bonus content.

1) Go to on a computer or device (not the app)
2) Create an account and sub-domain to make a personal page with Podbean.
-- We do not recommend using Google or Facebook to sign in.
3) Click the link under the any episode that says "subscribe to premium content now."
4) Enter your payment information.
5) Check your e-mail for a confirmation, click the link sent by Podbean.
6) Return to the site to listen or download and listen on the Podbean app.
7) Follow the steps in the video below to link the app to your account....